Severe Nausea post lobectomy surgery

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs (non small cell ). I had lower lobe on right side removed and 7 weeks later the upper left lobe removed. Since my last surgery which was 8 wks ago I have been suffering from loss of appetite and severe nausea. I went from 118 lbs before any surgery to 97 lbs today. I also am depressed now. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Eating is extremely difficult...the thought, sight and smell of food makes me ill. I'm a 62 year old woman. Any insight would be helpful.


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9 Replies

  • Hi Dianne. There is a drug called Marisol. I believe that is how it is spelled. It is a form of marajuana oil. It will greatly help with appetite and nausea. Ask your dr about this

    Hang in there

    Texas 64😊

  • Please report the symptoms to your doctor and request the Rx for Marinol that Texas64 mentioned. It is a synthetic form of THC that has been approved for use by cancer patients for more than 30 years. It should help with nausea and stimulate the appetite.

    There are also other medications that can help manage the nausea including Ativan or zofran The dr knows you need to be able to eat in order to get well and should be willing to prescribe these for you. If not, talk to your primary care doc

    In the meantime try ginger tea, ginger cookies or sucking on a dime sized piece of ginger for several minutes. Use Boost or Ensure to pack calories. If you can tolerate ice cream make a shake using the Boost.

    Let us know what ends up helping you most.

  • Your body has been through so much in a relatively short time. That was a lot of major surgery. Please contact your doctor to let him or her know about this. You need good nutrition to heal from all this. I hope you supplement your diet until you get this under control. Whatever appeals to you will help.

    Take care of yourself. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you fast improvement and healing.


  • Diane,

    I am so sorry to hear about your struggle. Definitely get help from your medical team. When you do eat or drink, making it tiny amounts often (in other words grazing and sips) should help once you get on those med(s). Don't cook if the smell bothers you - stick to bland foods until you can tolerate other foods; broth, ice cream (think the Boost shakes Denzie mentioned), some people tolerate cheese well, what appeals to you. Cold foods seems better tolerated by some folks (rather than hot). Make sure you keep hydrated, so sip a little of your favorite liquid every 15 minutes or so. You can ease into a more normal diet once that nausea settles. And like Denzie said, if your medical team doesn't seem to be responding to your need for help with this, please reach out to your primary care doctor. Please keep us posted!

  • Hi Diane, I will add puddings and jello to the above.

    When I got nauseous during my chemo, I lived on puddings, jello and ice cream. Then I finally got to the point that soft scrambled eggs appealed to me. Lastly, but essential in my case, I could not stand using regular tableware as every thing tasted like metal. I changed completely to plastic ware like is commonly used at picnics and every thing tasted better. Kind Wishes, judg69

  • I love you people and all the wonderful advise and help you give to patients and us caregivers. I am so grateful to have found you. I tell friends and relatives about you and your support for each other. God bless each and all.

  • Diane , I was in Minnesota at Mayo Clinic. I met a patient from Colorado. His wife made cannabutter for him( marajuana). She gave me some to spend on small pieces of bread. This really helped with me feeling very good in my most down times. It helped with nausea, pain and sleep. If you can access this that would be a great help. There are many you tube videos on how to make this butter. I'm not wanting you to get in trouble but our dadgum govt really makes it hard for cancer patients to find a non toxic way of fighting side effects of chemo and radiation. God Bless

  • Thank you very much for your response Texas 664. The strange thing is I have not undergone any chemo this nausea is strictly from after my surgery.

  • u been thru a lot , god bless you ,take little at a time ,small sips ,good luck

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