Hi, I am getting very upset at my new doctor and the Giesinger in general. Saw my new oncologist last week and some how there was a mixup and there was no order for my Sandostatin shot. Doc. was looking into it , well as of now it is a week since I've been there. I have called both W/B office and Scranton and still no replies. This can't go any further, this is my life they are messing with!! Guess I'll make some more calls!


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  • We'll do I understand your frustration. An appointment for me to see an orthopedic surgeon for my broken vertebra got held up by a clerk who didn't like being put on hold. I went and sat in the reception chair immediately across from her window so she saw me whenever she looked up.

    At which time she said well they've 'had me on hold for 15 minutes'. I responded that treatment for my excruciating pain had been put off by her for over a week. That shut her up. She picked up the phone and dialed again- looking a bit sheepish.

    Go sit in the reception area if you can. Just stare and be polite. Politeness unnerves them more than loud complaints.

  • I don't know who to blame for this situation, the doc, lab, or just the transition from one doc to the other. All I know is I'm getting more frustrated by the minute. Good call sitting right where she could see you, lol. Hope your feeling better.

  • This is definitely stress that you don't need. Could there be an issue with insurance ok-ing your shot? I hope it gets worked out soon, in the mean time I love Denzie's idea to go in and make sure they see your face :)

  • And be very polite. It scares the heck out of them. If you yell they blame it on your behavior. Kill them with kindness and their guilt overwhelms them.

  • Good luck Donna. I apologize

  • I am so sorry you are experiencing this, is there some you ask for assistance in dealing with this issue? Hope you get this issue resolved quickly.

  • My tolerance level for things like this is very low. I get on the phone and won't get off until the situation is resolved. Someone somewhere has the answer, and you deserve to know that that answer is. You are the patient and should not have to be chasing them - they should be chasing you. I am sorry to say that this would set off alarm bells, and I would seriously be thinking about a new oncologist, Knowing there is a problem but not what that problem is, in my mind is totally unacceptable.

  • Oh my gosh, I love the strength and spunk here. You folks are the best!

    I agree, you need now. Do you have someone who could call for you? You could sit by them, so if permission from you is needed, you'd be there to give it, but the other person could deal with the frustration of being on hold, being transferred, etc....?

    Best of luck!

  • Thank you ALL for your support! Your all the best. I called again this morning, and guess what?!, got an appointment for tomorrow! This person got me on the phone to someone else and immediately got my appointment and was very gracious about it. I'll see at my next appointment with Doc. If I want to go back to him or not.

    You all have a great day!

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