I was told some things and I tended to believe some of it. I miss you all a lot. I almost died I was in hospital 11days,then my cat died while I was in the hospital. I apologize if I hurt any one forgive me...but I was extremely hurt myself. I can,t say who I promised them. I sure will miss all of you,a year is a long time and I thought we were all friends. Love susiejo1948


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13 Replies

  • I don't understand what you are saying?? Could you please use different words and elaborate on what happened?

    So sorry for the loss of your cat :( I lost my dog of 7 years just 8 months in to my diagnosis and treatment


  • Hi jo,

    Glad to hear you are ok


  • Hi SusieJo - it's good to hear from you. So sorry that you lost your cat. You still have people who care on this site.


  • Donna I apologize I did,NT mean what I said that's not me. I almost died I had pneumonia,uti and sepsIs.I said things I didn't,t mean that's not me.. I,m so sorry forgive me. Love susiejo

  • Apology accepted. I understand you've been going through so much, I'm praying things get easier for you . It's good to see you here and am able to chat with you , missed you.

  • Hope Travis and Peggy and the head of health unlocked forgive me... You have been nothing but nice to me. I,sorry I was in hospital 11days they thought I was going to die I had pneumonia uti and sepsIs. I want to go back to being me. Love susiejo

  • Nothing to forgive, Jo. Glad you are feeling better, good to hear from you!

  • FtB_Peggy I,m feeling sad not knowing why your upset with me. You are one of my favorite people. I don,t understand. Back in March I almost died if they hand,t got to me When they did I wouldn't,t be here. I miss everyone but it seems that people I cared about and helped want nothing to do with me.I can,t even write a post someone takes it off. I really care about You and the lung cancer patients. There was a post sicken,t finish reading it. It said what do these lung cancer patients want with are medical teams. It hit me the wrong way I never should have got upset I should have found out what it meant. I miss all of you so much. Please contact me love susiejo1948

  • Thanks for caring means a lot to me,I will say no I know better . They need go some where, they need to go far away and stay away from here. I think they need to go to providence I am so sorry. Love Susie jo

  • Please forgive me,I,m so sorry. I don,t want to lose this site.it's been the most wonderful place to be to talk to others about there lung cancer or other. Love Susie jo1948

  • Hi SusieJo,

    I hope you are doing better! I will be thinking of you! Hang in there- you can do this, you're a tough one! :)

  • Lesleykay21 thank you Lesley.you take good care of your self and I,'ll be strong.if you need anything let me know.lovesusiejo

  • Ft_B Mary do you here from Peggy I don,t I,m worried about her I haven,t. Heard from or seen

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