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Hey everyone! I haven't been on for awhile. I have 2 more weeks of Chemo. Carb/Taxol and 14 out of 30 radiation to go!! I haven't been feeling well have been having nausea & diarrhea. I have what I call a golf ball in my throat from the radiation and it's hard to swallow at times. I use Magic Mouthwash but it numbs my throat too much. I have radiation every day. Oh don't worry I have kept up my appetite 😂. Didn't think I was gonna loose my hair but it started falling out by handfuls. Finally went and got it buzzed off. You know what ?? I kinda look like a warrior!!!

So all this rambling I'm long after treatment do they take scans to see if any of this has worked? They are telling me about 6 weeks.


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  • That's exactly what they told my husband. Had his scan about 2 weeks ago & Doc said NED!! Amen!! Next scan end of June 🙏🏻'Ing it will be the same. Good luck with the rest of your treatments & positive thoughts for your upcoming scan. God Bless you!!

  • With my first line Carbo/Alimta, they scanned after 4 rounds. Just started my second line Cyramza/Taxotere and was told scan after 3 if I was doing ok. I'll be loosing my hair as well...hoping I will look and feel like a warrior but got a wig just in case😉 Best of luck as you continue your treatments.

  • I'm sure you will look just like the warrior you are. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way.

  • Prayers and good thoughts for a good scan.

  • Welcome back! I have to say that you are all warriors in my eyes. But I do love the visual image, Mytwins02, of you strong and kicking it with a polished head! Humans can be so unbelievably resilient and positive in the face of crazy, nasty stuff like cancer. Simply put, you are wonderful, you are deeply cared for, and you are going to do this! Hugs.

  • I just looked back on my record (I had the same treatment last spring) and 6 weeks was the prorocol for scans. I had good results. I hope you do too.

  • Hi, my twin, you do look like a warrior! When my hair feel out after chemo, after a few weeks I really liked it! The doc. Did a scan a few weeks after my last chem. I was in remission. Now, how ever the lung cancer is back, I have been getting a shot of Sandostatin once a monthBut if I continue with good results I will be back in remission, Wed.. Is the tell all results. Meanwhile keep your warrior spirit, believe me it helps! Sending good vibes and prayers your way.

  • I haven't heard of sandistatin what is it? Sorry your remission is over. Have you been tested for mutations?

  • Hi Kat, it's Sandostatin , just another form of chemo that fights the cancer, so far it's been a sort of back and forth with the numbers. If it stops all together doctor will go to something else.

  • Good luck on Wednesday, I will be thinking of you!

  • Thank you, Peggy. I'll probably get the results on my computer medical site tomorrow, we'll see.

  • Fingers crossed, prayers said, hugs given freely.

  • Hi, Peggy, Got results back, night before I saw Doc. Everything looks good. Only went up 1 point from last time! I will be seeing another Doc. In Wilkes/Barre, due to the fact my first oncologist is going into administrations due to health issues. :(, Sad to lose him. But hopefully the next one will be just as likeable as him. If I told you any of this, sorry, my memory stinks! In fact I want to mention this issue on here. Have a great day!

  • Fabulous, thank you for letting us know. I am just so happy for you. As for the memory, mine has its issues too, so if you told me...saying it again is always appreciated - ha ha. Big, happy hugs.

  • Thanks, Peggy. Yeah, the memory issue causes a lot of aggravation, I get so mad at myself!

  • Himytwins02,

    Sounds like you have a good attitude going, keep it up . Honestly though the worst is around treatment number 25 or at least it was for me. I didn't have to have a feeding tube but I got where it was really hard to eat. Im definately not trying to kill your vibe, and the good news is even if it gets rough it will all straighten out fast after radiation is done.

    Prayers and hopes for healing,


  • Please keep the faith, it's difficult but hopefully things will turn out possible.

    Hope all turns out positive.

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