super sick

had sepsis,when that cleared up my daughter,tried to tell everyone I had dementia ha ha ha very funny. You I care about all of you. You've been fatastic friends. I could'nt find any better. Everyone please don't believe anything my daughter says about me,nine times out of ten.she finds some thing to lie about. I'am very far from losing my mind,i'm here to stay. Love you all


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7 Replies

  • SusieJo,

    Very glad to hear from you. Sepsis is serious stuff, congratulations at being able to recover from it. You are sounding feisty, and feisty is good!


  • So glad you've recovered. Based on whAt your daughter wrote I thought the infection was probably affecting thought process and expected it would clear with the infection. So glad you're past the sepsis, it's pretty awful stuff. One of my house mates spent 7 weeks, 2 hospitalizations and a stint in a skilled care facility before he came home then 2 more months on IV antibiotics. He's much better now.

  • Hi jo,

    So glad to hear you up and around. We heard you was pretty sick and we had been a little worried about you but glad to see you are better. Please take care of yourself and stay healthy.



  • Yea!! So glad to see your better! Been so worried about you. But should have realized, your a tough cookie!! Get plenty of rest, and listen to the doctors, Don't concern yourself about your daughter saying anything to us about you, if you say she doesn't always tell the truth then that's all we need to know. Take care and feel better.

    Love ya!

  • Glad to know your doing well. You've been missed. Blessings😛

  • Welcome back, I am so glad you are feeling better - sepsis is frightening, but once more you overcame it all! Congrats.

  • Happy to see you back. We missed you. Take good care of yourself.

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