Unfortunately , our nephew, Mike, has been diagnosed with colon cancer. Oh but doc. going on vacation and can't see him till the 19th! Mike doesn't even know what stage it is at this point . Then doc. says if your feeling badly, go right to the hospital . This to me, is so uncaring and negligent as far as this doctor is concerned! Anyone agree with me, or am I overreacting?

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  • Oh my. Is this his oncologist or a primary care doctor? It is possible that his cancer is not particularly aggressive and this wait will not harm him in the long run, but when you are newly diagnosed, you want to do something NOW and waiting is hard. I would hope that if the wait was potentially harmful that the doctor would make arrangements for immediate care for your nephew. He and those who love him have to decide whether to trust the situation or find a different doctor.

    Whenever I have to wait a week because my doctor is out of town, I remind myself that doctors are human and need vacations as much as I do - maybe even more given the stress of their locations. I imagine there is absolutely no good time for an oncologist to take a vacation, that there will always be someone in great need...


  • Get a new doctor Cancer is serious and any dr who doesn't act immediately isn't worth your time.

  • Agreed! He can insist on a different dr at that practice or, better yet, get a second opinion elsewhere and see if he wants to transfer Care.

    Allowing 2 weeks for the drs vacation probably is not going to hurt anything but if his attitude was truly that cavalier I'd want a different dr.

  • I understand his doctor is going on vacation, but I would think that he has a peer that deals with on-call issues while he is gone that your nephew could see. If he does not, then your nephew should consider changing doctors for someone who has someone on-call when they arei not available.

  • Bring him somewhere immediately & get him diagnosed! Early detection is everything!!

  • My husband had a resection for colon cancer, had to wait 2 wks. Every thing went fine, Center was booked, it is one of the largest and best cancer centers MSk. You might be anxious & over reacting a bit. Susan

  • I would opt for a new doctor and would not want to wait ! However, please keep in mind that it takes time to set up testing for staging etc., so even if he saw a doctor tomorrow, depending on your area, the doctor, the hospital etc., it may take a week or two (sometimes longer) before they schedule him for a biopsy etc.

    Even, so I would want to get moving on this ASAP and would seek care right away. It's very hard to know you are dealing with Cancer and then can't even see an Oncologist to discuss what will be planned. I'm sorry, this happened. I read about how long some people have to wait to get in for biopsies and PET scans and know for some that can be very stressful. Makes me sad, and I totally understand their fear. You hear the word Cancer and you want to do everything you can to get rid of it, as soon as you can.

    Good Luck!!

    ~ Lisa

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