Why bad day follows good one?


Does anyone have a great day followed by a terrible day and can't figure out why this has happened? I will feel great one day and then the next day can't even get out of bed. Didn't do anything different to cause it!! How do you handle the bad days? Do I just accept this is how cancer is? Help please. My husband is getting frustrated for I get so distraught on a bad day when I just had a previous great one.


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8 Replies

  • This is very normal. Sometimes I feel so great I forget what it's going to cost me and I need a day or two to recover. I'm afraid that is the new normal.

  • I feel the same way! I have it so bad that I'm under the care of a shrink.

    My husband is very worried about me too and feels helpless. He can't understand why I'm so depressed and filled with anxiety.

    I'm on an antidepressant which doesn't seem to help me and anxiety meds.

    Nice to know there are others out there that feel as I do too.

    I have nothing encouraging to offer you. I'm suffering myself!

  • I'm the same way. I have stage 4 nsclc upper right lobe for the last two years. My wife and I just plan things on the good day. Bad days were home and I rest.

    Very tired and weak on all days but at least I can get out on the better days........once they gave me IRON plus a super charged blood transfusion. Haha. Don't ask me what that is.........Bless you

  • Hi

    I go through the same thing and have to plan so that busy days can be followed by a quiet day that I usually spend sleeping. I also have to watch the weather - rainy days are very difficult because of the humidity in the air. I am also at the stage where the humidity from a hot shower can wipe me out. This is just the new normal. My family was frustrated by the new normal until they talked to the oncologist and got the information from the horse's mouth. The oncologist also suggested they try breathing through a straw for an hour to feel some of what is going on - that changed their perspective rather quickly and they are more supportive. We forget that oxygen fuels our bodies, and not getting enough is a challenge. This is my 5th primary cancer, and it is very, very different from the other 4. Not getting enough oxygen is a big game changer!

  • Marymac4441, trust me accept the fact up and down are very common and the norm. Different days I get different reactions all the time. Consider the drugs are working through your body.

  • Same thing happens to me. I think it is a new(themporary, I hope) part of normal. It is very discouraging. Some days I try to push myself through it. Some days I give in

  • I have experienced this same thing. It's very aggravating. Haven't received any answers from Drs/treatment team as to why other than it's side effects from the treatment and/or from the cancer itself. Wish you the best and prayers!

  • MartyFaccenda:

    I agree with you. I try to ask the correct questions but don't seem to be making positive progress. I wish they had to feel just once what we feel on a bad day.

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