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Difficulty breathing for months

Hello, I have had bad difficult breathing for nearly a year now. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't struggle. I have been to the doctors and they have done X-rays blood tests oxygen test ect and everything is normal. I have asthma since I was born. The doctors think it is asthma related but my inhalers don't help me that much. I have also been having the occasional hives. I can't do active activities like I used to a year ago. It all came on so suddenly one day I was running, horse riding ect now I can't do any off that. I'm not horrendously weasy thats the thing it's just a really bad tightness in my throat and chest making me struggle daily.

Anxiety has been mentioned as a possibility but like I said I have this breathing problem 24 hours a day and it never goes away, just gets a little better when I take my inhalers.

Hope someone can help me.

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Most life long asthma suffers progress to lung diease.

Well if the don't grow out of it as kid think its called bronchitis if continues as adult.

As have rash sounds like flar up could try antibiotics.

Guess if taking inhalers you should have steroid one.

If steroid inhalers gives you dry horrid mouth of night when sleeping try sip of salty water when in bed.

Hope you found links usfull and you start feeling better.

Breathing lung issues are pits and you have my every sympathy

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hi sorry to hear you are having trouble breathing,my sister has c,o,p,d and has the same thing,have you tried asking for the use of a nebuliser it really helped my sister also at some point my sister was using her inhalers not realising that they were empty,we have found out the way to check if they are full is to put them in a bowl of water if they sink there full but if they float then they are empty,hope you get some relief soon take care x

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