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I am recently new with the group I have read so many stories and just want to say my heart goes out to each and everyone. I was diagnosed with small cell cancer with a tumor on my right upper lung. They said it looked to be isolated and a lobectomy should be all I need. Four weeks later when I went to the surgeon for a follow up after my lobectomy they told be they took 10 limp nodes while takiking 1/3 of my lung and out of 10 they found three with cancer. This Friday I will start my 1st round of chemo and very scared of course. Can someone tell me what to expect while taking the chemo ? I take 6 rounds one ever 21 days, so far no radiation.

Thank you Diana

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  • I did chemo isn't not very Pleasant. But everyone has different side effects but it is it's tolerable if you just rest and do your treatments and do what your doctor says it's very tolerable the worst part I think for me was losing all of my hair

  • I took chemo and radiation for nsclc stage 3a. The worst part for me was losing my hair. I also lost 45 pounds while going through treatment

  • I an also nsclc stage 3a I was told I would loose my hair as well; can I asked how long after you started chemo did you loose your hair. This also scares me as well.

  • A friend of mine said she begin loosing her hair after her second round of chemo; I'm like ou I'm scared.

  • Hi Angels, I have Stage 111a NSCLC too and am going to be starting chemo on 2/27. I also am concerned with the hair loss but I am trying to not let this whole thing take over. I am very much trying to look at it as help for the rest of my life. When I notice that my hair is starting to go, my hairdresser has agreed to come to my house for a "shaving wine and cheese event". I have asked a few friends and family to be with me during this time. I need to feel in control of this somehow and maybe doing this will help. I hope. My oncologist said the hair grows back and is a lot nicer than when it fell out. So, if the chemo does the trick and keeps us cancer free, then a few months of wigs and scarves and hats, then I am ok with this. God, this whole thing is awful. When do you start chemo and do you know what drugs they are giving you?

  • I had my first round of chemo on 2/10 I did okay that was on Friday okay on Saturday but got very sick Sunday, Monday and doing a little better today. They told me I would probably have four days worth flu like symptoms and oh yes I am. I get my next round of chemo 3/5. I think you have a very good thought and your right hair grows back. We have I send hugs and prayers let me know how your doing.

  • Yes, please keep in touch. Maybe we can go through this together through cyberspace! I have made many dear friends through the bladder cancer network and unfortunately, here I am on a lung cancer network but I have found that talking about it to people that are going through it is the best therapy. We can be honest and understanding because we are all in the same boat. I am sorry to hear that you go so sick. Did your Oncologist give you any meds to help prevent this? Or was it the flu symptoms? My Oncologist said she will give me a "cocktail" before and after treatment to help with nausea and vomiting and also medications to take at home. She also has wigs and head scarves at her office for free. I will take a look at them when I go for my first treatment. I want to have everything in order before it happens. I pray for you and for all that are going through this.

  • cvrThank you this is Wednesday my fourth day with flu symptoms but today Is trolerable. I did received something for nausea but it mostly wads a terrible headache, body was sore and could not eat. Not looking forward to the next round which will be 3/3. I wish you the very best and hope the cocktails help your sickness. Please keep be updated I would love to go through this together. Prayers and hugs

  • I lost my hair on my second series of chemo....I noticed one morn when I combed it, it was filling my I went gently on the next combing...but come morning my pillow was filled as was my husbands mouth !! So out to the table we went with clippers in hand ! It was Feb and still very cold here in Michigan...Paul (my hub) LOVED helping me thru this...he would rub my bald head...kiss it and tell me how beautiful I was...I worked with the public so I attempted different *things* ending up with a lovely hair piece, but Paul encouraged me to be *brave* about June when he passed was the last I wore my hair piece opting for a bandana and then going full on *brave* loosing hair was NOT a big issue in view of why I lost it !! Hang in there !! There are bigger fish to fry and getting your health back is a HUGE reason to try and embrace this.....good luck to you huni and keep your eyes on God !

  • After my fourth chemo my hair started falling out and I had it shaved then

  • Hi Texas June, How did you feel about having your head shaved? I am pretty vain and so not looking forward to this but I have decided that I am not going to let it get me down. I have arranged for my hairdresser to come to my house when it is time and have invited some close family and a few friends that want to be there to have some wine and cheese when I have my head shaved. I want it to be a celebration of the "killing" of this disease. Ha, not many have said yes to coming. It is traumatic for them as well but I am going to do it that way.

  • I hated losing my hair. It was probably the most traumatic part of this horrible disease. But it is growing out again but so slow

  • what a great way to approach shaving your head ! It is indeed a celebration of ridding our bodies of disease and that attitude alone shines thru you !! When my mom lost her hair 24 yrs ago from chemo I would paint on her head....butterflies, bears with honey pots, flowers ....with my own I just trudged thru first I felt awkward having no hair..then it was like hey....I dont have to wash it,curl it, comb it....It saved my life so it was a small thing to deal with...good luck to you !!

  • I hate losing my hair and I hate how weak I am

  • At what point did you start to lose your hair? How long have you been on Chemo and what stage is your cancer? I am going to hate everything about it too I know but if it will work on keeping it away then I will go through whatever it takes. This is round two of lung cancer for me. I would be interested in your history.

  • Janeike, Were you asking me? I am having a hard time figuring out who is asking who on the same threads

  • I think I really minded being weak more then anything and to be year later I still issues with that but in part from a muscle that was damaged from my surgery....just keep on keeping on.....I tote wood to heat with and try each day to collect one more piece then yesterday !! Do what you can rest when you need to, things piled up and freaked me out when Paul passed but I still nap when I need to and dont worry about dirty floors !! Strength returns !

  • Hi Diana and welcome to the group!! You will find a lot of us in your same situation. I have stage 4 non small cell lung cancer. No surgery cuz it has madtisized to my liver and pancreas. I was on chemo for 18 months and I didn't lose my hair or weight. There are so many different chemo drugs now so everyone's side effects are different. I'm currently on Opdivo cuz the chemo wasn't working any more. Good luck to you. I will be praying for you. Do u have anyone who could go with you for chemo and visits to the doctor? God bless

  • Hello Catlover48

    Thank you for your sharing your experience and welcome me to the group. It sounds like you have had a long journey I will keep you in my prayers as well. I do have two sister that will be taking turns going with me to my treatments and doctor appointments. I'm very blessed to have them. Im trying to be positive especially around my siblings we lost our mother to lung cancer and I know they are scared for me. I wish you luck and prayers go out to you.. Good Bless


  • You are being very strong. My prayers are with you. Survivor too

  • Hello catlover48. Thanks for sharing. My prayers are with you. Are you having success with your current treatment. I was recently told once it spreads to liver, there's not much treatment. OF COURSE I DONT BELIEVE THAT. This question is for anyone. If thing cancer spreads to liver are there still good treatment plans. I think it's important to share this type of info cause a lot of people here lung/liver cancer they don't even try or at least in my family

  • Actually my dr is more concerned about my lung cancer. And that does puzzle me. I will be getting a PET scan in March to see what the tumor is doing. I am anxious to see cause I've only been on the Opdivo since dec 9 of 2016. My cancer marker has gone up from 29 to 64 and that is a worry. Dr said it can take from 2 to 3 months for the Opdivo to work. We just trust our doctors.. sometimes I feel they are just guessing. We hear so much when we have cancer that we must pick and choose. Good to hear back from you! I will be interested if anyone replays to your question! Take care and god bless.

  • Mine had metastasized to adrenal gland and liver and one spot on spine at day of diagnosis in April 2015. Found it in brain may 2016 but have some great otherwise. I did not lose my hair in carboplatin-pemetrexed combo. I remain on Alimta (pemetrexed) every 3-4 weeks. Cancer is stable. Chemo day is ok, next day is a little tired, sleep much of dYs 3 and 4 and then on day 5 I resume care of 3 kids ages 15, 12, 10. You can do this! I am a never-smoker age 46 with no markers that are common for young nonsmoking folks like me.


  • You will do fine. Keep positive and remember everyone reacts different. Keep moving . Losing my hair was painful but it passes. Drink plenty of fluids. Frozen fruit bars worked for me. It will be ok

  • You don't say which drugs they are giving you, but my experience with taxol and carboplatin was not bad at all. Did 6 infusions in 6 weeks along with 30 bouts of radiation. Only side effects were from the radiation. Never lost my hair and actually gained weight. Good luck to you.

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