Walking Miracle waiting for the ball to drop

43years old and in good physical shape when diagnosed.

Diagnosed Stage 3B Adenocarcinoma of left lung on March 21st, 2013. Grapefruit sized tumor 1/4" from spine and heart. Plueral Margins Positive. Lung removed April 9th, 2013. Radiation Started in late May 2013. Switched to Chemo in Fall of 2013. Last chemo in April of 2014. I am very lucky to be here. My main angst is waiting for it to spread. Due to scar tissue, cannot be declared in remission positively.

While I have always been very emotional throughout my entire life, I did not take the news very well. I can remember wailing, uncontrollably; My husband with his head in his hands wondering what he can do to help. I still have many issues, but the key to overcoming the emotional breakdown was a special catch phrase or image in my head that would make me laugh. There was a movie, where this guy was holding his friends bloody hand, "You are not going to die! It may feel like it, but Everything is going to be okay. SAY IT! " Everythings going to be okaay" I would go from crying buckets to instantly laughing and making light of the situation.

So statistically, my doc said I have a 30% of living 5 years after diagnosis/treatments. Because of my age and generally good physical shape, he said I could live 10 years, who knows...

So, I live the best I can, while I can. Make a difference in the world while I am here. Help others in similar situations. Make my mark. I have come to grips with mortality. Everything is going to be okay!

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  • I am so so interested in speaking with you. I also was diagnosed they same as you except stage 3A nscnc . I so need to speak to someone with the same diagnosis and told the same thing.

  • Hi Karen, I am here for you as so many were there for me, and still it is easy to get anxiety of the unknown. Let's compare notes! in the meantime I wish you all the best :)

  • Thank you for giving us the story of your journey through cancer. You're a survivor!! Those of us who have not gone this far in our journey are encouraged by hearing from someone who is still beating the odds.

    I have a very strong faith in my Lord and Sacior, Jesus Christ. I have to admit that when I was first diagnosed in November 2015, with stage 3B NSCLC, that I was scared and very sad. Praying for strength and asking Jesus to carry me through was all that got me as far as I am today.

    I finished my chemo and radiation in February 2016, and was doing well until September. At my 3 month followup, I was told I had radiation pneumonitis. I was on very strong steroids for seven weeks and since then have been on very strong antibiotics.

    When I went for my 3 month followup in December, I was told my cancer was active again. I am still undergoing testing, bronchoscopies, CT Scans, PET scans, Pulmonary Function test and others. I have been told that chemo should be my last option as I was given two very strong doses of two of the strongest chemo drugs.

    I have not finished all of the testing but I can say with the utmost reassurance that Jesus is still carrying me through.

    God bless you and your family.

  • Hi Ruthie, You have a great attitude despite your fears. Yes, faith is of the utmost importance! I am sorry that your cancer returned. If it is possible, the removal of my left lung, I believe saved my life. Most people I have known to do radiation and chemo at the same time, have had a pretty hard time of it. The best thing to do is be proactive insuring that you stay away from infections (other sick people) , eat lots of veggies. Broccoli is good for respiration. Also, much to my dismay, cancer thrives on sugar. It is so important to let your doc know as soon as you feel infections, so you can get on antibiotics asap. That's what they are there for...I had a very open relationship with my oncologist. Every one is different of course. It's important to keep your body as strong as possible, so when it is time to fight again, you are ready. I pray that yours tests come out with good results and continued success. Please keep me updated.

    God bless you and your family as well.

  • hm69ruby,

    I'm almost 10 years older than you, and I have HPV Cancer in my lungs, and I was given 6-12 months to live on January 5, 2016. So, yeah, they gave me a target to overshoot, and I did.

    Although I can feel myself in decline, coming faster with each passing day, allow me a few minutes of your time to let you know just how much you can live when each day could be your last.

    After the date of my death came and went, I decided to just get on with it. So I have started to put together a Non-Profit Charitable Foundation to do what I have done with an ad-hoc group over the past few years. What we have done is to buy hundreds of bikes and ride-on toys for local children during Christmas. The group I have used to make this happen in the past, sprang from playing Paintball with co-workers while I was healthy and before my second cancer hit me in 2014.

    My group, "The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs" has bought 300 bikes over the past 4 years, and once the Non-Profit Foundation is up and running, the Board of Directors will be able to expand our reach and possibly help hundreds upon hundreds of local children. I can think of no better legacy, for myself, then to leave kids with great Christmas morning memories of their first bikes.

    So, grab life by the short and curlies, and give it your all. Do what you think you do not have time to do because it might just give you something else to live for. Reward your each and every day with the grateful smile of some kid you have helped overcome the nastiness this world can beat them down with. Give them a positive inner story that might help them overcome the bleak idea of how their tomorrows have to be.

    You just have to live, go out swinging for the fences and don't let anything stand in your way. Bring others into your inner circle to share your ideas, and let them know what you are doing, and why, and what you hope comes from it after you are gone. THAT is the team you need around you when you are fighting "The Beast".

    Anyway, I live my life day by day trying to outrun the clock to get my Foundation up and running. No man gets to know the legacy they leave behind, because others determine what your legacy is, once you are gone. The most you can do, is to do what makes your mind drift to your heart, and your daily battle is with something bigger than cancer.

    I can think of no bigger battle than the one we all have to help those children that are clearly less fortunate than ourselves, or our kids. The bigger battle is about giving children hope and when they know someone has overlooked their own problems, to reach out to give them a helping hand up, that simple gesture has the power to change their world.

    Swing for the fences.....

    Mike "Serrecko" March


    Leader of The Skyline Gaggle of Noobs

    A Fundraising Paintball Team


  • Bravo Mike! How inspiring...It is amazing that you are out there making a difference in this wretched world. Thanks so much for sharing! I also have come to grips with mortality, I just have to figure out what I can do to make a mark on this world. In the meantime, I make the most of everyday. I try to smile as much as possible :) Your story is so inspiring, I hope I can do the same, and leave a legacy as noble is yours. Keep sharing because people need to know that there are three things that give us reason to get up in the morning; Something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to...It's crazy how life is taken for granted until you face the aspect that you may not have another day. Life is so precious, it's almost maddening when people moan and groan about how life is so aweful. Again, thanks for sharing and making a difference while you can!

  • You are a very inspiring person my heart And prayers go out to you may God bless you.

  • hm69Ruby,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful story and advice - I love your motivating quote! I am sorry for all that you have endured, but I celebrate the person that you are - welcome!

  • Thanks Peggy! I wish I had found this site earlier. I always looked at sites that told about surviving and thought sure, but where are you now. As if the Cancer sights were trying to give you false hope so you go thru the treatments. Either that or giving horrible statistics that convinced me I was doomed. Not all cases are the same but it is so helpful to know of real survivors. Every now and then I do realize my fate, and come to grips with it all. To know there are people that share the same experiences and feelings is so helpful. Kudos to your site for bringing us all together. Godspeed!

  • hm69ruby hi i'm jo and had stage3b they took my upper left lung. I turned down radiation because of what they said it would do. I did six months of chemo I am now going on my fourth year cancer free I was told I would make my fifth year and beyond. Yes you are going to make it. There is a angel walking beside you,who will take care of you. Be strong because as you can see miracles do happen and your one of them,so am I. I believe that both of us will make it.Jo Taylor

  • Thank you Jo, best wishes to you. I'm glad to find this site. I wish i knew about it in 2013. It was hard to find inspiring info back then. Just read thru everyone's experiences. I just want people in similar situations to have hope. We shall overcome!

  • Thank you Jo I am also stag 3b lung cancer. I am recovering from having a 1/3 of my right lung removed and now they have found cancer cells in three of my limp nodes. I will start my first round of chemo this Friday. The Doctor said I would have flu like symptoms and eventually I would lose my hair very scary. I appreciate your testimony it gives me hope. Thank you for your testimony and may God continue to Bless you.

    Thank you

  • hm69Ruby,

    Thank you for your story. To learn to laugh again, to learn to find an emotional balance in your life again - that is huge, and as inspiring as your positive response to treatment. I'm wishing you well!


  • Thank you Anita!

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