Temp. Too low?

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Has anyone else here had problems with temp running low? I hadn't noticed mine until recently but it seems when I feel normal my temp is around 96.5 to 97 but ever since about 2 months prior to my diagnosis I get these feverish feelings with chills so I take Motrin or Tylenol and that takes care of it usually twice a day. But it wasn't til reciently I had actually used a thermometer to see what it actually is so when I feel feverish it is around 98 to 98.5. My nurse actually called to comment on it today saying it was 97.1 all three days I revived infusions, now they say I should call if my temp gets to 99.5 or higher. She thinks it's probably a symptom of my cancer but she is going to talk to doc about it. Anyone else had this prob?

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  • When i was feeling cold my doctor said eat banana BUT given test i had no Vitamin D in me and i had low IGM antibody issues.

    Might be worth asking ABOUT your vit D

  • Hi Jeff,

    My blood work was all normal before chemo this round but it may not be next time.

    Thanks for info,


  • RWHayes- I have not started chemo yet will now start on Tuesday the 27th. For as long as I can remember I always ran low 96-97. I found since the diagnosis of cancer my temp is now registering at 98. Which for me is high. I am going to watch what happens once they administer the Chemo if my temp raises up. I do get chills more after I eat, but my lung cancer is in three parts of my liver as well.


  • Hi kym,

    That's the same day I start radiation, or at least that's the day I meet the radiation team, not sure if it's consultation or actually get started. My doc is also suppose to address temp issue I let you know what he says.

    Good luck to us both on 27th,


  • Hi RW, my normal temp for me is around 96 or 97 along with the all the breathing issues I also have systemic lupus. Nurses tell me that is normal and not to worry about it. It's when I get to 98 or above that I know I'm running a fever but can't make the doctor believe it. I just take arthritis strength tylenol and keep going the best I can.

  • I agree it is a bad feeling, I will let you know what my doc says next week. The nurse said she was going to make sure he addressed it, she was sincerely concerned.



  • RW,

    I think it's very common for people to have a body temperature that is lower than 98.6 - I've heard that the person who decided that was normal was actually sick with a cold at the time he measured his temperature. It's also very common for cancer patients to have hot flashes and night sweats - I've had them myself. You're doing the right thing by keeping in touch with your nurse. This is one more way that you can monitor for yourself how well you are doing, by paying attention to whether your temperature feels normal to you.


  • Thanks Anita,

    This is the one time when my nurse actually called me , she was going over reports I guess, anyway she noticed my temp that had been recorded by the assistants or whatever who did vitals on infusion days. So I was impressed by that, maybe they pay more attention to things than I previously thought lol.

    Thanks for the info,


  • Just lately I have "like" hot flash ,feeling hot & sweaty,but no fever. Miserable , toe nail turning blue , no energy .

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