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Hi, it is my sister=in-law who was recently diagnosed so I am both a caretaker and researcher now. She has chemo treatments every 3 weeks, with Neulasta which I monitor the next day and happily, has had very few side effects. While her oncologist is highly qualified and they like him, his practice has everything except social workers. So I am looking for a peer support group for her;/ she would go in person or speak on phone with someone. I am also a little concerned that American Cancer Society told me that sometimes a social worker is necessary to fill out certain applications, etc. Thanks.


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  • The Cancer Support Community and Gildas Clubs are national organizations that have in person and online support groups for patients and caregivers. This link will help you locate a facility near you. It may not be lung specific (some may be) but the issues are the same.

  • Thanks so much, Denzie, will deffo check it out. Kindest regards.

  • You may want to check with the lung cancer alliance at I contacted them when I was diagnosed almost 3 years ago and they were quite helpful and had support services.

  • Steph, thanks so much. I will do so.

  • Good morning,

    If you need some other resources for peer support, just let me know, I can email our Support Group Resource Guide to you, or mail it. Thank your for sharing and for taking care of your sister-in-law! It is always great to have an advocate in your corner.

    Warmest wishes,

  • Thanks so much, Peggy. I'd appreciate any info you can provide. ACS is good but was unable to find any cancer peer support group in her zip code. Also wondering, wouldn't a big holistic or patient -centered team not only provide psychosocial support for her but also support for caretakers like my bro and me? We are all fine but I just think it should be offered. Could be a wrong assumption....?

  • You are welcome! email me @, I'll get some information out to you on support groups that would work for everyone.

  • Where do you live? City and state?

  • Hi, sorry for late reply. We are just outside NYC in NJ.

  • I am also in N.J.Where abouts are you? I am in Howell. ( by Freehold. Good luck to you.....Ruby🌹

  • Hi Ruby! So good to hear from you, thanks! I am also in Freehold but my sister-in-law is up in Old Bridge. She is getting great medical care but the practice she goes to has no social workers, patient advocates or anything that might provide psychosocial support for patients and their caretakers. I think the 3 of us could use that but especially her. She's interested in going to a peer support group for cancer patients, and not even lung cancer patients but I have not been able to find one. Do you know of any? Thanks so much! for getting in touch.. xoxo

  • The ACS is wonderful. They can help you with finding a social worker and give you and your sister support. When I was first diagnosed I called their 800 number at ungodly hours and always found s very pleasant person answering the phones. I was a caretaker for my husband.!he died from cancer 9/22 he will be gone 14 years. I am a lung cancer patient under treatment going on 7 years.

  • Thanks so much, Susan. I agree that the ACS peeps are wonderful. And I have told sis that she can call them around the clock because, unfortunately, with all their resources, they are unable to find a live peer support group in her zip code. I absolutely don't want to minimize the extensive list of resources they have provided, though, from free wigs to monthly house cleaning services. So, as someone above suggested, I will contact Gilda's club. All best wishes to you.😊

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