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Hello, I have NSCLC Adenocarcinoma of the right lower lobe. Lobectomy was July 12, 2016. Was wondering why do I still have numbing burning pain? I can barely touch my right breast, the pain continues to the middle of my back. Is the normal? If so how long before this feeling is gone? Also if i talk to much i get a annoying cough. I go Aug 4th for my first post op with the surgeon. Can't wait to get answers! Was wondering if anyone else had or have these same symptoms.

Thanks Patty


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21 Replies

  • I had my right upper lobe removed and did not have much pain, I was given prescription pain meds. If I was having the issues that you are having, I would be calling my surgeon and/or pulmoniologist today to see if what you are experiencing are normal recovery issues. Sending you healing thoughts.

  • Thank you for responding, I did talk to NP for my surgeon. She put me on Gabapentin for nerve pain. So you never had that numbing tingling burning sensation?

    Thank you

  • No, I was lucky I did not have that kind of pain. Hope you are feeling better soon.😒

  • It is very likely that a nerve was damaged when they spread the ribs to insert the camera or tools if you had VATS surgery. After my VATS (aborted) talc pleurodesis I had the same issue.

    My dr prescribed gabapentin which provided relief. If you take it insist that they start at 100mgs and increase to find the best dosage. My dr started me at 300 mg 3x day and it made me very sleepy. If gabapentin doesn't work for you inquire about Lyrica. You might consider having your PCP take the lead on this Rx.

    Be kind to your body. You had surgery to a major organ less than 3 weeks ago. You shouldn't be doing any heavy lifting for 6 weeks. Do start walking regularly.

    5.5 years out I still experience occasional numbness but I have not had to use the gabapentin in a couple years.

  • Thank you, i was taking 200mg of Gabapentin at bedtime. I contact my doctor office and talked to his NP she has me taking 100mg in morning 100mg in afternoon and 300mg before bed. I hope this helps.

  • Patty my name is Jo before I say anything I want you to know i'm not a dr. I had my left upper lung removed and I have Adenocarcioma. I've had pain in my left side ever since the surgery. My pain dr says my ribs and mucsles where they spread your ribs to get in there to remove lung. I'm going on three years and she said that it might take a lot longer to heal. I'm not saying that is your pain talk to your surgeon and ask him. I hope that your pain goes away quicker than mine. I wish you well,I'll be thinking of you. Jo

  • Thanks Jo, oh my goodness I feel so bad for you I can't imagine having this pain for 3 years. How do you handle it. God bless!

  • Hi, I had pain for quite a while. Bottom right lobe. It is quite a surgery so it makes sense that lots of nerves and muscle are involved as well as the rib stuff.

    Not sure abut the cough but I had breathing exercises to do and was encouraged to cough, with a pillow.

    Good luck with your appointment. Remember, it takes a long time with lots of hills and valleys. Do you have any further treatments?

  • Thank you, i will find out this Thursday if i will need treat. Im keeping fingers,toes, arm and legs crossed that I'm not going to need treatment.

  • Either way, you will get through it.

  • Hi, I had two of my lobe's removed on my right side. I had a cough for at least a month and my breast pain lasted for about two months. It seems like it will never end but it did. Hope you have a smooth recovery.


  • Thanks Lauren, i hope you are doing well now.

  • Yes I am Thanks

  • Definitely I had a lobectomy and felt burning pain and numbness for 6 months. Wait for the info your surgeon gives you, but it sounds normal to me. Take care!

  • Thank you

  • Welcome Patty!

    So sorry to hear of your pain. I agree with the others, keep talking to your doctor. They won't know how you feel unless you tell them. And keep telling them until you have your answers and they provide what relief they can. Don't be shy!

    Please keep us updated!

  • Thank you! I will keep you updated, can't wait for Thursday

  • I imagine the waiting is really, really hard! I will use that time to gather up the positive feelings and rush them your way!

  • Patty I am sorry I didn't want you to feel bad for me. I was just trying to explain my pain because you are having pain. I'm not saying you'll have pain that long everyone is different. I have nerve damage too. I'm trying to find a dr who can treat it. Please do not feel sorry for me.I want you to be okay and I hope everything turns out alright when you see dr Thursday. I'll be thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. Jo

  • I am not a physician but wonder if the surgery could have sparked some kind of low key ongoing asthmatic reaction? That is what happened to me after my surgery. When I complained to my pulmonologist about still getting winded too easily a year following my surgery he put me on an inhaled steroid for a couple of months and I can hike much more easily!

  • I had my surgery June 16 2016 and I still have the numbing and burning pain I keep asking but they just says it takes time and there is a lot of nerves.

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