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Notes for Community Newcomers

Notes for Community Newcomers

Hello and Welcome!

If you are new to the Free to Breathe HealthUnlocked community, welcome and thank you for joining.

If you are here as an existing member, thank you for continuing to engage and share after our partnership with HealthUnlocked.

We see this community as a self driven and supportive environment where patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and anyone else affected by lung cancer can share advice and experiences with each other.

If you are unsure on how to start engaging in this community, the best place to start is sharing your story or connection with lung cancer. If you are not comfortable sharing that information just yet, feel free reply to this post to say hi and/or introduce yourself. Also, browse other member's posts and reply to them if you want to show support or share advice.

Remember, if you have any questions or suggestions that may lead to making this community more how you would like it to be, please message one of the Free to Breathe Staff admins (marked with a blue circle around their profile photo, and a "FtB_" tag in their name). We are here to support you.


Your friends at Free to Breathe

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Hi i'm jo i've been with this community around nine months. I have to say it is a really fantastic place to be. you have all these wonderful people to talk to and they will be here for you. If you want to talk or not talk its ok. Were here to help each otherand you make alot of friends. I have stage 3 lung cancer they removed my upper left lung I did six months chemo and they are saying that my cancer is gone. Susie Jo


New. I had surgery in August of 2016 for non small cell lung cancer in upper left lobe followed with radiation 5 days a week for six weeks along with half dose of chemo 1 day a week for six weeks. I have healed well from surgery but the radiation had done damage. I now have copd and am now on two inhalers. My stamina is coming back and I can walk a slow mile. So far the CT scans have come back clear. I try to take it one day at a time.


Today I read a few of the comments about not breathing well. Right now my regular Doctor is treating my COPD with flovent and spiriva. I'm now wondering if I should be seeing a pulmonary Dr.? I'm having a contrasting CT Scan the 19th of this month and meeting with the Oncologist the 25th. I have not talked with her about the shortness of breath, should I? I more or less dismissed the Radiology Dr. But now should I be in touch with him also? Any thoughts on this subject would greatly appreciated.


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