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6 months check up after sbrt lower right lobe

I just had my 6 months check up after sbrt on my lung ,everything is going great, thanks to God , and a very good cancer team. I go back in Jan 2017 for another ct scan and blood work, I may have to have a ct scan every 6 months as long as I live . My tumor is shrinking but may take a year to go away, no new tumors were found . My wbc count was high but they felt that was related to the rad treatment and inflammatory response , they really wasn't that concerind with it. I had the best nights sleep I have had in 6 months last night. I am aware it can return but with staying on top of it ,a ct scan every 6 months gives me my best chance of catching it early if it does. I can't stress enough how important it is to catch it early , mine was stage 1 and had not spread ,was caught with the new lung cancer screening , low dose ct scan. I pray for everyone going through this , it has been the most humbling time of my life. Wardt

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Wardt, How great to hear your story, thank you. I hope you continue to sleep well. Sounds like you have some things to smile about when you wake in the morning. Please keep in touch.


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