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Never smoked

Never smoked a day in my 55 years of life. Had a carcinoid the size of a golf ball in the hilum of my left lung. Be one month tomorrow,  the 7th, I had the upper half of my left lung removed. It was cancerous. But I am blessed I did not have to receive chemo nor radiation.  Doc said this type of cancer does not respond to those treatments.  Complete removal of affected area is the only solution.  I'm blessed that they did not have to remove the whole lung. 

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I know it is scary regardless what the doctor tells you.  I was 53 years old when they found my lung cancer, I never smoked a dating my life.  I had my right upper lobe removed followed and 4 rounds of chemo even tho my tumor was determined to be stage 1B.  It has been 2 1/2 years since then, and every 6 months I have a CT scan to confirm the cancer has not returned.  Every time I get a clean scan it is such a relief.  I now try to appreciate each day, think positive, and try to have no regrets.  My advice to you is to also live each day to it's fullest, have no regrets, and try to stay as positive as possible.  Right now do something special just for yourself.


Great advice!


Hi there! Right, it sounds like surgery is the best and only option. If you want more info about lung cancer surgery, check out Take care and keep us posted! -Theresa


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