I live in constant pain, sometimes I little better and sometimes there is not enough medicine on the planet to relieve or even calm or down. I tried today to be a little more active and I’m paying for it now. The eletric shocks and the burning is more intense at night when I’m trying to relax enough I can drift off to sleep without over medicating. Any ideas anyone

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  • Looking at your neck I am wondering if you have had your thyroid correctly tested ? Low thyroid can cause over 300 symptoms in the body. Also will result in LOW nutrients which can be the cause of pain - especially low VitD & B12.

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    EDIT: just read your profile so my suggestions could be way off the mark. I use B12 injections for nerve pain .....

  • Marz

    Yes my thyroid has always been an issue I take meds for that. As far as vitamin B12 for some reason my test are high and I don’t know really what caused that I go to the doctor tomorrow I’ll ask her about that thank you

  • When you say B12 is high - do you know how high ? Sounds like a methylation problem or that it is not getting into the cells where it is needed. Sounds as if B12 injections would help - but doubt your GP would agree. I can buy over the counter here and inject weekly. B12 is involved in the myelin sheath which protects all nerves and is used for pain relief in some countries. Google B12 for pain relief 😊

    How are you taking your thyroid meds ? Away from food /drink ? Do you have any results with ranges ? If incorrectly treated you may have problems.

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