Hello, I’m new to the site I’am 47 yrs old I broke my neck and fractured my back in 2012 I have suffered with very painful perifrial neuropathy since then. I can walk with a cane but it hurts to even move sometimes. Help

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  • I can appreciate your pain. While I haven't suffered your injuries I have similar discomfort. Since I am somewhat older my issues are mostly self inflicted and driven by arthritis. My neuropathy is mostly the result of repeated surgeries on my right knee and causes me great issues with sleep which the pain doctor has helped with Topamax which allows me to sleep. The back is a whole different issue. The arthritis is so extensive the at times standing in the kitchen working on dinner for more than 10 minutes is impossible. Your pain is going to be a part of your life I recommend finding the best pain specialist and explore the options. Opiods should be the last choice. The next step we are looking into for me is an electrical device that block the back pain in my lower back

  • Hello Bill the train has left the station on opioids I take morphine 3x a day and 6 delauded through out the day. I’am on quite a lot of other meds for muscle spasm and to sleep witch is not well. I sleep in a separate bed than my wife because with my pain there is no comfortable position I’m continuely moving,twitching and moaning I keep my Wife up and because I can’t work she has to continue. I has ptsd and long and short time memory loss. I guess my point is all the meds and problems I have there is no going back. I also get15 to 20 steroid shots in my neck and back at trigger points as well every 90 days epiderals. My doctors want me to get that nerve stimulator put in my spine also but they run around 50 to 60 grand. I lost my insurance from my work when I couldn’t go back to work there is just no way we can afford it. We sold my classic cars tools welders what have you to pay our home off. To tell you the truth sometimes I just want to give up. The only thing that keeps me getting on with life is my family my wife Our 2 adult daughters and 2 adult sons and my 2 granddaughters. It’s a new challenge every day. This site where we connected is good because I get to talk with people with the same issues like you Bill I thank you for answering my post. It might sound cheesy but it truly felt good to here from you another person that understands how terrible this is thank you look forward to hearing from you.

  • I'm in the US and was placed on disability social security so I was eligible for Medicare 4 years early. The pain simulator is something Medicare will cover. I had stopped using the one I had when I had a defibrillator implanted for my heart. The old one had been dormant for too long and can't be reactivated. Besides technology always moves forward and they want me to consider one that functions differently than the old one. My sleeping problem was solved with Topomax which is a seizure med. It works for me due to it's side effects principley makes you sleepy. Okie down feeling nerve pain in my foot and the next thing I know I wake up later feeling the nerve pain after I wake up. I'm fortunate that my issues are fairly minor compared to many in this forum

  • Hey Bill I’m live in Nevada so as soon as my social security disability comes through hopefully soon. Then I have to wait for my Medicare. I go in Thursday for shots and I’m going to ask about topomax,and see if it would help me or if I had been on it before as my doctors have tried a lot of different combinations. I will diffinently let you know what’s up. Thanks Bill

  • When it goes through you will get a payment that goes back to the date of disability. Be a little cautious as it could effect your tax return. Was your injury the result of an accident if someone should be helping already

  • No it happened when I was 4 wheelen no fault accident. So that sucks terribly so no one but my wife taking care of us

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