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Can low BP be linked to needing B12?

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted anything in a while. After discussing my health with a partner in my GP surgery ,she was more helpful than others. And has requested a haematology specialist appointment. Which can take up to 8 months or so. In the meantime I only have the B12 injections 3 monthly. I have mixed symptoms including pins and needles in arms and hands. Fatigue ,constant cough , foggy and dizzy spells . my family witnessed me passing out the other day, Turned out my Bp went low its mornly a little bit high as I suffer anxiety. I'm thinking a link with B12? I'm due my next one in 3 weeks. I find always, the month before it's due I'm more symptomatic and for about 3 weeks after it I can feel a slow improvement so I get about 3 or 4 weeks of feeling ok.

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Sounds as if you need more regular B12 injections. The protocol for neurological symptoms is to have more regular injections until symptoms lessen. Pins and needles are neurological.

Are you taking a B complex containing folate or folic Acid ? B12 works in the body with B9 and can help to hold onto it for longer.

Low blood pressure could be linked to the B12 but I would also have the Ferritin - Folate and VitD tested. Have you been checked for PA - Pernicous Anaemia ? There is a Forum here on Health Unlocked called PAS where you can read the Pinned Posts about the treatment of B12 ....

There is also a website for Pernicous Anaemia with so much useful information.

You could top up your B12 between injections with an under the tongue spray or a Lozenge under the tongue. Jarrow Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg from Amazon.

Have they established why you have low B12 ? Are you vegetarian ?

EDIT : Have just seen your post on the PAS Forum - apologies !

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