Peripheral Neuropathy, effective treatment?

I have been suffering with complete numbness in my feet now for some months, and this is slowly working it's way up my calves. Does anyone have similar symptoms of PN? And if so, what supplements/medications seem to work best? Any advice would be most appreciated.

Thanks all.

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  • Am wondering if you have had your B12 tested - and if so do you know the result ? If B12 is below 500 it can be the cause of many neurological issues .... scroll down in the link below to view the symptoms.

    I have weekly injections of B12 but you can take sub-lingual lozenges that bypass stomach/gut issues ....

  • Hi, Im David. Had p.n. For 4 years.Difficult to walk,have to sit down in shops,etc. Aggravating pain in feet ankles knees legs & now hips. Had pains in lower back for many years, & unable to walk on pebble beaches. Doctors are no help & no answers to problem. Try any medic pills only with minimal use & stay strong in mind to defeat pain, and keep walking.Good luck.

  • Thanks David, hope things improve for you.

  • Thanks Marz

  • Thanks Marz

  • Well I have semi-numbness but no pain I have nerve damage in my legs and feet ( nerve damage due to low b-12) my meds are a b-12 shot once a month, folic acid 4x a day two vitiam in d's, calcium citrate and alpha- lipoic acid. I have no pain nerve damage making it hard t o lift my feet and walk with canes. No pain sorry I can't help. Took out all the rugs in my house and all my bathrooms handi-cap accessible.greg !

  • Also if I use the stairs which I try not to it is all arm strength

  • I have tried all sorts of recommended medication and the only thing that has given me any relief is Lycria (Pregabalin capsules50mg).Still have much discomfort and keeping an eye on any thing commented on this problem

  • Thanks mate. Can I get it over the counter?

  • sorry mate,you can only get it on prescription,I've tried everything from over the counter to no avail

  • I have been recommended to do stretching exrcises and gym 3 times a week. Has helped pins and needles in legs but toes are stil numb. Some people also recomend brushing legs with a bath type brush but must be careful not to break skin- did not work for me. Would recommend seeing a hospital physio.

  • I too have a burning sensation in my feet and calves, when I go too bed and sometimes I find it difficult to walk. I go to the gym three times a week and try and walk as much as possible but the condition seems to be getting worse and now my hands are starting to ache. The Doctor gave me a months supply of strong painkillers which if I take, knock me out for the following day. Any suggestions please.

  • Pain killers have a poor record in treating nerve pain. If you haven't seen a pain specialist yet that is what I have done. I had gotten to the point I couldn't sleep well anymore. At this point he has me trying a seizure medication because it makes you fall asleep

  • This is what I have been given but I daren't take them as I am spaced out the following day.

  • Hi. Coopster. I have just read your post I have had PN since 1998 and for years my GP would not accept that I had PN as I wasn't diabetic at the time and my B12 levels were ok. Finally, my Dr. agreed to play ball after sending me on a tour of most clinics in the south of England. I ended up living back in Leeds by 2015 taking 900mg of Gabapentin 3x a day along with 25mg of Amitriptyline at night. I averaged 3-4 hours sleep a day for over ten years and the meds only gave me moderate relief. My new GP in Leeds got me to try Pregabalin 330mg 2x a day. The benefits take a month to be felt, I still get some days that are unbearable but nothing like before. There were many times I came close to suicide and self-harm. No conventional painkillers worked an occasional joint had limited relief, but a herbal compound of Ginger, Garlic, Ginko and Cayenne did help a lot, alas about two weeks worth of capsules would cost around £16.00 (Organic Nutrition on the Net listed under Circulation remedies). Never wear open-toed sandals. Never cut your own toenails or callouses. Try to avoid becoming Type 2 diabetes. Keep walking as much as you can even if you have to get used to a walking stick and wear good quality trainers. Best of luck!

  • Thanks for that, saw my GP yesterday, and he's sent me for bloods. So we'll see where we go when he gets them back.

    Thanks again.

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