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Small fibre neuropathy ?

I had a feeling in my feet like a stone in shoe maybe 5 years ago now I get hyper sensitive feet burning tingling legs leg twitching especially when exercisising and now tingling hands and when the temperature changes from hot to cold like going outside I have tingling muscle twitching across my chest this is all so wired it freaks me out anyone else has this or anything like this pls let me know I have had blood test ncs emg MRI from head to toe .neurologist thinks sfn poss from alchohol but have stopped drinking 6 months and has got worse . Everyday at work is a struggle any ideas or supplements I take amptriptiline 20 mg and gabapentin 900 x 3 makes no diffrence

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Non Diabetic Neuropathy gradually numbed my feet, feeling like I'm walking on rocks or small objects in my shoes. And the nerves in my feet have a mind of their own. My physician poked my feet with a 📌 & 👎 pain but, he still referred me to a podiatrist who also approved of Lyrica. He said "there is no cure."


Does lyrica work for u I'm on amtriptiline and gabapentin did your neuropathy get diagnosed with ncs or biopsy how long has this been going on and what was the cause I think mine may be alcohol

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My mother had this issue when she was younger. I began to have this problem not long ago and I came across solutions to it on neuropathyprogram.com


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