Most people would see this as a positive as most people don't have the extreme pain and other symptoms that come with it. I just wanted to raise awareness for the negative sides of Hypermobility and Hypermobility Syndrome, as many people would just see the positives of being 'stretchy'. Stretchy isn't always a bonus. The pains and aches are invisible. People need to be more aware of these, and other conditions/syndroms which are invisible.

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  • Oh yes, how true. I was diagnosed with hyper mobility 30 years ago, in my mid 30s. At the time I thought it was a good thing but I'm really paying the price now!

  • what is hypermobility syndrome? curious.

  • Hyper mobility is just the simple stretchy-ness or the joints, where-as hypermolbiliy syndrome relates to other problems that can come with the stretchy-ness e.g. pain.

  • i dont think i am comprehending stretchygirl. sorry. : /

  • It's fine, some people who are "normal" have limited range of movement in their joints. Those who are hypermobile can go further than these "normal" limits. However Hypermobility Syndrome is when the joints can be moved beyond the limitations, but there are also further complications. Hope this makes it a little clearer.

  • yes, a little, thank you for posting and getting back to me. : )

  • Its so nice to see someone say this. I hate the pains and aches. What is your way of controlling the pain??

  • It varies from day to day. Im on a range of pain relief, and my doctor (GP) is on about starting me on different types as things stop working or have little effect. I also have a tens machine. I go and have a soak in a warm bath, but I also do daily physiotherapy exercises. Hope this helps x

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