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A natural approach

A natural approach


My husband and I think of ourselves as a team endeavoring to find a good way to deal with Functional Dissociative Seizure and its impact on our life. Although FDS had brought some unexpected blessings it had also tipped our life and plans and dreams upside down.

In common with most people, we hadn't even heard of this condition until his diagnoses. The Doctors were supportive but said that there was no cure and no medication that would help him so we needed to find our own way to try to help. We had had good experiences with a natural approach to other health problems in the past so chose to look down that route once again.

We found Dr Stones website very helpful and using his ideas about the condition being a software problem which affected the communications between the brain and the nervous system and vice versa I started researching on the internet.

It seemed that there were always so many varied symptoms; it was difficult to know where to start and conventional methods didn't seem to be very effective so I started to think outside the box. The way that we chose and is good for us was to concentrate on supporting my husbands body and making it strong, understanding that given the right conditions the human body has huge ability to heal and restore itself..Working with the body's natural resources seemed like a good move and focusing on creating good health rather than on the condition became our way forward. There are certainly more ideas on creating health than treating FDS!

We currently work with a few supplements, which we added slowly so that we could monitor which worked best.

Regular exercise. There is positive research that shows a strong link between movement and the health communication between brain and body. He started a Tai Chi class (excellent for improving balance and general health.) and walking . He wasn't able to do much to start with but he started small and consolidated his achievements for a week and then extended a little more.

And last but by no means least, nutrition ! There is a lot of positive research that shows a link between digestion and the central nervous system and the brain.

This is our on going health project which seems to be enabling some positive changes. My husbands good days are much stronger and he is able to achieve more on those days .He is more positive and is having a better quality of life and the impact on our life has been reduced. It seems to have helped him regain his personal power and motivation. It gives him a sense of being able to do something to help to restore his health which I think is even more powerful because he is helping himself.

Wishing you all well on your chosen healing journey.


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