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Ice Pick Headaches


I had ice pick headache prior to being diagnosed with FNDs and have not have any for over 3 years. All of a sudden, since yesterday they have resumed and I am back taking sumatriptan and atenolol plus my speech has been affected again .

The only thing I have been doing differently is walking alot as I am exercising and I power walk.

Anyone have the same problem?

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Hi Angela, I am so sorry you get those terrible Ice Pick headaches ,too. I get them frequently so I know exactly what you go through, painwise and symptoms wise. I was given a headache calendar to complete by my neurologist, which I have to return to her when completed, and told to take Iboprufen. There are lots of painkillers I cannot take. I get on well will Iboprufen but had weaned myself off them because I was getting stomach pains. Neurologist said it was good to keep my eye on things like that but it was okay to take them for migraines. My original pain doseage had been 2400mg per day. How are you bearing up today? 🙂

AngieB68 in reply to MissBentley

Thank you for your reply. The only thing that seems to help is atenolol but the pain has subsided which is good. Will go for a gentle walk today and hope that it is not triggered again.

What's the basis for your FND dx? And were you aware of the criteria in advance? I see it being handed to to loads of people with rare conditions and it's doing my head in.

AngieB68 in reply to 210272

Before my diagnosis, I have never heard of FNDs. I was referred to a neurologist after have symptoms due to bells palsy and was given the diagnosis. My neurologist advised me to go onto this forum for information from others which has helped alot.

Sorry to hear you've been going through this. I suffer from hemiplaegic migraines (on and off for over 20 years, but had a permanent one since 2016), which feel like an ice pick being stabbed in my head, so I wonder if it could be the same thing? They also cause numbness down the left side of my face and tongue, impact the vision in my left eye and weakness down my leftside. You mentioned suspected Bell's Palsy, which made me wonder. My neurologist said they are common in people with FND. Interestingly, I saw an endocrinologist last year because my FND has brought on early menopause, and she believes the migraines are linked to hormone levels, and the permanent one since 2016 is related to my early menopause. Don't know if any of that helps you, but thought I'd share just in case. Good luck with it all 🙂

Hmm, interesting. I only had ice pick headaches prior to being diagnosed with FNDs but after having bells palsy. This episode I feel was due to my exercising and experiencing cold and exhertion whilst walking. It lasted 2 days but has eased off so I need to take it easy but will be exercising inside for a while due to the change in weather. I have not heard that it has been linked to hormonal changes but it does not mean that for some people it is not. Would be interesting to know. You take care.

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