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Urinary tract


Is anyone suffering from urinary tract issues? After a year telling the neurologist I have to go to the bathroom room and he totally disregard the issue and now I am paying the price for it. I don't understand the neurologist this days anymore, all they do is to put a label on you and then you are on your own, helpless and no where to go.

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Yes, both with needing to go too often or not being able to go for a while.☹️

FND is a horrible condition but life is never boring!

Gypsi in reply to Borrow

A lot of people undiagnosed with FND have that, don't they? Well I personally know several. Myself included.

Might I ask what you mean by paying the price for it?

What I meant by paying the price, we are suffering and so called neurologist don't take the time to investigate the real problem. Last week I end up with a serious urinary tract infection and now I have to go for more testing. How a psychologist going to help us when we have a issue with urinary tract when we have to go a million times?

Hi, I suggest you ask for a Urology referral. I am one of the lucky few with an excellent neurologist and urologist. They took the time to do proper testing and try various solutions. I had regular UTIs for years but now under control and rarely have them. Long story short...I have 2 problems; I haven't felt my bladder for nearly 10 years, so never fully empty it, plus have overactive bladder, so it randomly contracts without warning. Testing concluded both problems are caused by my brain and nerves not communicating properly (much like most of my fnd symptoms).

Remember, you deserve help, and have a right to it, so calmly, but firmly insist. If the 1st person can't/won't help, ask for a 2and opinion. And if necessary, a 3rd. My current neurologist was the 3rd I saw. Worth kissing the neuro frogs to get to the prince! It's appalling that it's necessary and help isn't just offered, but sadly that's the world we live in. Good luck! I hope you get the help you need 🙂

Ottaw in reply to sykgirl

Thanks for the reply. I am happy for you, unfortunately, my neurologist his ego doesn't let him to see the whole picture, I am actually going to have a talk with him because he hasn't given me any valid reason as why I was diagnosed with FND and if that's the case what's the next step.

sykgirl in reply to Ottaw

My first 2 neuros were like that too 🤬 You definitely need a new neuro. It's so emotionally exhausting, but when you get a good one you'll be glad you persevered. I'm not fixed, but I am supported and my condition is as managed as it can be. FND is so poorly understood. Arrogant doctors who don't want to say "I don't know" take it out on their patients by ignoring them or belittling them. There are good doctors out there. I really hope you manage to find the right people for you soon🤞

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