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Fgd and fibromyalgia

I was told i had fibromyalgia 3 years ago i had suffed with pain for 2 years it all started after i got my gore bladder out it was very infected so i had an emergency operation and that is what stared all my symptoms after suffering for a few years most days i wouldn't get out of bed

I went on a pain course for 4 weeks it was great i stared to pace my self and i was just getting on feet untill i started to get a movement and spams attack for no reason some attack are quite bad went to see a neuro and he told me i had fnd and go and have a look on a site i done some research the was something he told me that they have a fnd specialist iv been put on a waiting list i have been waiting for about 8 months still not been so i will keep everyone up date how i get on x

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While you wait, I recommend that you read or listen to the book Functional Neurologic Disorders, volume 139 of the Handbook of Clinical Disorders.


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