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Hearing issues

Hi folks

Recently got back into work 8 months ago and I noticed a huge difference in my hearing especially when other noise is going on... I can’t hear anything as it all scrambled together.

Not good when in an office and taking calls and talking to customers.

I went for a hearing test and discovered I’m moderately deaf now. The audiologist thinks it is from my car accident which caused Fnd and the slow shutdown of my Nerves etc.

I am now needing hearing aids and pick them up (along with a mortgage as I’ve gone private as the nhs ones are not discreet and massive!).

Has anyone else seen a difference in hearing and need help? They don’t know if it’s fnd which everything is lol or if it’s from the knock in the accident etc

Appreciate your help

God bless

Andy (Glasgow)

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Yes... My hearing is becoming poor as well. It is from Brain Fog that FND causes.


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