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Chucked off the Edinburgh Tram

Hi Peeps

Yes you read my post title right. I have a National Entitlement Card because I cannot drive with my FND symptoms which include daily whole body seizures. I know the card is for buses but wondered about the Tram. No not unless you are an Edinburgh resident. So when did all disabled people in Scotland decide to live only in Edinburgh? I was chucked off by a rather condescending Inspector who seemed to think I was unable to tell the difference between a bus and a Tram. Aren’t invisible disabilities wonderful👎

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Wow CBS, that was a pretty cruel response dont you think? As louyse said maybe you should know the facts before responding that way. This sight I thought was supposed to be a positive thing to help each other learn, encourage each other, not to be mean. Please thoughts may be my thoughts, but please reread what you say before you post.


Hi C-B-S ... I get your point of stating it was maybe unwise to “chance it”... but having met with louyise in person I can assure you she doesn’t play the poor me card. She’s a very intelligent person who is a joy to be around.

I get you may be frustrated at someone else doing something you would not have but please be aware this is a community for people with FND who want others to support and understand them, not attack their own actions.

Please be more courteous in future with your responses.

Thank you

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You obviously don’t know me - I do not play “poor me”. I offered to pay the fare - I was trying to ascertain the facts about how the system worked as it is not clear on any signage at the Tram stops and was met with a rather condescending attitude. These are the attitudes we are trying to tackle.


Hey, proper disappointed to say I’ve found myself the tram system is weird in Edinburgh. I was asked to leave as my small boot scooter (which is train and plane size) didn’t have a permit. I was told it was all over the tram stops saying you needed one, so I kindly asked the attendant to show me at the next stop but when she got off there was nothing as she was adamant! But it’s all about how we speak to eachother.

Yeah it’s unclear and there’s no companion for free either where as the busses do allow that....


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