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So recently getting worse even though I’ve slept around 12 hrs my hands are bad today. Kind of stuck where to go next as dr, prof Edwards and neuropsychologist say they have tried everything and don’t know what to do. So I’m reaching out to see what you guys do for it. Some days it goes all up my left arms abs I end up rondo

Lucy shaking while buddy to try and make it stop 🤗🙈

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I don't know how to advise you, but have you increased your magnesium levels to cope with the increased demands your poor muscles are under? Magnesium is essential food for muscles and there is a large percentage of the population who are magnesium deficient. My doctor said to keep increasing my dose until my body starting rejecting it as diarrhoea, at which point to back off just slightly. My Magnesium requirements vary significantly on a day to day basis, depending on whether i get cramps or seizures etc. I take 3 to 8 big tablets a day.

Also Vitamin B12 is essential food for nerves, and lots of people show signs of B12 deficiency even when their blood tests are in the lower half of the normal range.

Sounds like a plan I’ll give it a try 🤗

I don't know what you have tried, but I can tell you what has worked for me. I had tremors that affected both arms /hands, my head and legs. Whilst it seemed pointless and endless, my tremors have mostly stopped although they do come back when I'm ill.

What had worked for me is constant use, attention to fine motor skills and perseverance. For example, typing was really difficult as I had no accuracy to hit the lethers that I wanted. Consequently I continued to type, and now it is no problem. Another example for me is playing the piano. I used to play as a child, and so I took it up again, finding that when I could relax into it all my tremors stopped. The more I played the better the tremor became. I don't know whether it is something about muscle memory, but it provided some much needed relief.

Drinking out of a cup is another example. Before, I had to drink everything through a straw, including hot drinks. Through practice and concentration, I was able to pick up a cup and then drink from it without spilling aby thing. At first it took a lot of concentration ( it was like relearning skills) which is exhausting) but we'll worth the effort.

I really hope you find something that helps you. I really think that the playing the piano was of greatest benefit as it stopped all tremors. It is the sort of physio that medics may not think about. Best wishes.

Thank you I will try writing and coloring in to see if it helps xx

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Both the above answers cover what I was going to say! Magnesium is v important- there are so many types out there, have a read up on different kinds before you buy, try to buy a magnesium supplement in capsule form so not full of fillers in tablet form, I take magnesium L Threonate. I also bathe in magnesium/Epsom salts as often as possible as the skin absorbs a good dose this way- and these baths really help with my joint/body pains and after (day after) seizures etc.

And attention to fine motor skills- in anyway you can. If there’s a hobby you like see if you can use it to your advantage and helps the tremors etc. My mum has a wee cake business, I’ve had to move back home due to ill health. Last January I literally couldn’t hold a pen, tie my laces, hold a cup etc. I initially started trying to model and work with fondant icing, as a distraction technique when in pain, but soon found the more I worked with it, the more my tremors reduced (and it was v v hard at times, frustrating when you drop things, or shooting pains, had to hold my “shaking “ hand when trying to use it etc, but just kept working on it little by Little. Sometimes the sorer I am the more intricate the details can be. With constant work my tremor is as good as gone, It will come back in waves now, but I know to take myself away and do some “brain training” if I can manage. And seeing the finished cake products is a good wee boost aswell. I’m about to try and learn piano, and thinking of calligraphy or something- any sort of hobby or interest, that you can incorporate into your “brain training” and you’re on to a winner.

I’m struggling with speech massively just now, and after lots of research I’m about to start learning French for beginners - thoughtbprocess is the brain will create new language pathways, which strengthen current one- if that makes sense? Sorry I’m rambling on now, but hope this is of some use! Take care, hope todays a good day for all x

Chronic .. I can’t see it either even though I have notifications for it!!

I use a Tens machine to control involuntary arm and leg movement. Nidd valley online are brilliant, Google them. Really helpful on the phone too. I use their Yor Tens II which can be used continuously with rechargeable batteries, they have a kit with everything.

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