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After much time and prayer (7 years), I've been improving lately and I'm going to share it briefly here in case it helps anybody but I realise it's a very complicated situation and we are all different. However I do have a friend who (maybe more than one) who got better through this kind of therapy as well. They had ME.

Many of you all know I haven't posted for a while. Some of you all know about the connection between the brain and the gut. There really is a lack of care in this area in the NHS the moment.

Anyway in the end they found out for me that for years they they missed an iron deficiency. I was anemic at one point but it was mainly an iron deficiency which was subclinical. I've been on iron therapy after heavy periods for years for over a year now but I'm monitoring carefully because too much iron is as bad or worse than too little.

I also found treating combined with probiotics helped. I use a low-level acidophilus of about 3 billion culture. Again I listen to my body and I don't take it all the time.

Then I finally I also discovered recently a product from Holland and Barrett which is HCL with enzymes which is basically stomach acid. I had a hiatus hernia years ago and was given many proton pump inhibitors. Anyway this supplement gave me a little bit of heartburn so I think it needs perfecting in the sense that you probably don't need it all the time even at the lower dose but after that my symptoms disappeared. Which means it could have been a low level malabsorption.

I have to say that even with a good knowledge of anatomy over the years, I STILL don't understand why that helped but I'm just sharing it here because I think it's very valuable.

I also read somebody had tried the hyperbaric chamber here and I tried that as well. I've tried literally everything both mainstream or non mainstream. So I hope this helps somebody anyway and considering the cost and convenience it worth trying these things carefully but do your research, God bless.

I've also seen Dr Stone team etc.

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Thank you for sharing. There are so many causes that individuals face that can cause their body to trigger the fight or flight response. It is a good reminder to listen to your body and try to become as healthy as possible. Thank you.


I was recently told about Pyrrole Disorder in reference to my son, who has severe ADHD, anxiety, and ASD. I had never heard of it before, but after doing some research, I was blown away by how many of the symptoms my whole family exhibit! In short, Pyrrole Disorder causes the body to be unable to absorb magnesium, B6, and Zinc. Frequently, these folks are anemic as well. The body's inability to properly absorb minerals such as these leaves the patient malnutrition and susceptible to a whole host of problems. I am currently looking into this as a contributing factor for my FND, as well as the ADHD, ASD, SPD, anxiety, and depression that is ramped in my family.

I've included two links. One is written specifically for therapists to help them recognize if/when their patient may need to be tested for PD. The other is an over view. Although the first one is intended for clinicians, I found it to be very informative! I don't know if this will be helpful for you (or anyone else), but since you were talking about the brain/gut connection, I thought it might be something you wanted to look into.

Thanks for sharing!




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