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Help I feel so alone sometimes

hi I have functional weakness for a year and a half now. It start will a numb arm and within 3 months I couldn't move my legs. I've had all the tests done and all came back clear. I have a amazing dr who understand it but she has never had anyone like me. The funny thing about it is every week since it started I can kind of walk by dragging my feet for 4 days and then my legs go numb for 4 days so I'm back in my wheelchair. Is has been going on for a year and a half now. I also lose the feeling in my arm but there come back within an hour and I have non seizures as well I get double version as well. I have try everything there have gave me to try and nothing seem to work. I am so lucky I have an amazing family to help me.

Is there anyone else that is left with going in and out of wheelchair like clock work?

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Hi Lesley. My daughter has had loss of sensation for years and has had 2 episides of paralysis this year. She gets double vision and at its eorst she has arm weakness and difficulty swallowing. All very scary. Thakgully the upper body symptoms ate transient and only last a few hours whilst the lower body fluctuates between total liss of power and sensation to some power for two weeks and gradually her gunction returns. Having supportive and understanding family and griends is key. Still not sure about long term but staying positive as this will aid recovery


Thank you for your reply. How long has your daughter had it for? Hope you don't mind me asking. I'm am very positive as I just hope one day I won't need my wheelchair then I will know I'm on the road to recovery.

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