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Dr(GP) FND awareness

Hi all,

I am so needing an understanding GP who has an awareness of FND.....can anyone recommend such a GP in Nottingham (preferably in the Arnold area of Nottingham) ..... I am in the early stages of this disorder and I need an understanding GP...my current GP practice are UNEDUCATED and NOT CONCERNED about me or sufferers of FND. I'm fighting an up hill battle with them despite them having a comprehensive medical report from my Neurologist whom I consulted on a private basis in order to be diagnosed as having FND.

Regards fellow suffers ....😡


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I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time finding medical care. This is such a hard diagnosis. Doctors do not understand this as all so finding one you don't have to educate will probably be impossible, but you are researching and in the right place asking questions. Do you have a carer to go into your appointments with you? It gives me a much better backbone when my fiancé+carer attends my appointments. Good lick


Hi , I had a gp who had experience of fnd with another patient and pushed for a referral for me to university college hosp london . I was an inpatient on a 4 week programme . The experience was great but once home everything they wanted to be available to support me in the community just wasn't going to happen . Unfortunately the budget locally is not what it is in London and my neurologist from the Royal Free , London is well aware of the short fall . I'm afraid I encountered a lot of consultants enroute who basically told me to stop looking for a cure , didn't know what was wrong with me etc . Only when I got to London was there any support , understanding . I do have confirmed diagnosis of other conditions now ...again London did the tests not my local hospital .


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