Auto car & blue badge = freedom!

Hi lovely folk ...hope you all are finding a little joy amongst all the symptons this weekend ....well..long story short - after 3 years with functional gait disorder ...last few months been toughest yet...been off work...even tho work from home!.. have most severe back muscle spasms ( seeing pain/spine specialist soon) well as the FND...mean walking even short distances with my stick have been I bought a 2nd hand automatic car ( luckily it's my left leg weakness) and I applied for a blue badge as GP the walk from the nearest on street parking space, at times it can be a few streets away to my flat was just too much....

Today the blue badge arrived, so I can park outside my flat in the bay AND maybe even manage a grocery shop on a good day, as can park near the store entrance :) .....I know only you folk on here will really understand, why I literally cried tears of joy and relief when got it in the post today :) as I live alone..really feel like I will have little more independence....onwards and upwards eh.

Best wishes to you all. Lucy x

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  • @Lucy-15


    I hope it helps.

  • A great feeling! Well done you! Keep smiling ☺ x

  • I have a discretionary blue badge and it is a godsend makes shopping and going places easier

  • Glad to hear you have got your blue badge . I have one and it is wonderful!

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