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Good Afternoon,

Well, I do not post very much since I am content reading post daily. I just turned 29 and started the process of using a wheelchair. I have a rental wheelchair now and it feels better than a walker. It feels better to be more mobile. I do not like having to use one but it is better than being stuck in one place and being more mobile. I cannot wait until I have a new walker that is customize for me. The wheelchair will help but how much will FND take from me?


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  • Hi how many years did it take u to used a walker and wheelchair after being diagnosed with FND if u don't mind me asking because this is all new to me

  • I used a cane for 9 years, then seven months with a walker, and now a manual wheelchair. The disorder symptoms can change very fast or remain the same for awhile.

  • When did u get dx w FND

  • I was diagnosed 6 years ago maybe. It took years to be diagnosed.

  • Do u get crushing attacks like your being crush I had to have a bladder machine put in me last dec.

  • I do not know what you mean by crushing attacks, sorry.

  • What I mean is it feels like u have on a girdle really tight its from your neck down to your hips when I looked it up it came up as MS hugs

  • I was having problems sense I was 17 yrs.old they thought I had ms and it was getting worse and then I was dx with FND in 2016 with other medical problems

  • ok

  • What meds do u take for this? and if u ever want to talk just message me ok my name is carol I'm 39 yrs.old

  • Thank you!

  • I went from a cane to a walker to a mobility power chair. It made my life so much better. Gave me freedom, independence and helped lift my spirits. Since this continues to progress and I cannot walk very ability to go out on my alone would be seriously limited without the present power scooter.

    Hope you find that you benefit from the wheelchair.

  • My wife and I agree with you.

  • I will you well and hope the wheelchair brings you benefits.

  • I meant..."I wish you well."

  • Hi. I just wanted to add my voice to reassure that it may not continue to progress. I have to use a wheelchair, and got to that point within a year of symptoms starting, but it has now stabilised. Now I feel so much better, and have more energy to live life generally, all thanks to using my wheelchair. I am fairly young, so it took a while to adjust, but now I sometimes forget I'm in it, and I'm so much happier as I don't feel ill and drained all the time, and I can do my job so much better!

  • Great!

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