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Anyone find "natural" options that help?

My husband is a terrible eater, meat and potatoes and that's it and I have been wondering if anyone has found a difference in their symptoms when they eat well, stay hydrated? His symptoms seem to worsen when he doesn't eat well or drink enough. I try to encourage him to make changes to his diet, but he doesn't listen to me. What do I know? LOL

Also, has anyone found any natural supplements/vitamins that decreased the symptoms or at the severity of their symptoms? He hates taking medication so I am looking other options that might help him.

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Hi me again, my partner struggle to get me to eat, my taste has changed or gone, some things I loved are now bitter. I loved coffee but no longer tastes like coffee. I'm never hungry so I forget to eat, I never think of food or drink so never make anything. Every evening he tries to cook a meal with vegetables and soft meat. My teeth hurt so I struggle to chew, I loved my food crispy or crunchy but can no longer have it. All soft food. Anything to spicy or mayonnaise which I loved no longer tastes right. Smells have also changed or gone. There are foods people try and they will respond when they read this. I take magnesium and B12 now as read on here they are good for FND. Was tested by dr few weeks or months back, he said I was ok but I still take them as read on here that FND suffers need higher doses then normal. My partner definitely has struggled to find foods I'll eat now. Hope this helps. Big hugs Lisa. 🤗🤗🤗


I have to cook my own meals so tend to eat things that can go in the oven or microwave as I have no energy to stand in the kitchen

I used to love making salads or curries and I find when I'm grocery shopping I buy the same boring things over again until I'm sick of them.

I eat one meal a day as my appetite has decreased but so has my exercise and iv put on loads of weight. Not from calorie intake that's for sure.

I went to see my GP when I came back from overseas as my kidneys have not been functioning properly for a long time now and he wants me to keep a chart. I look so bloated and realised how bad in a picture taken overseas last week my ankles looked like my grans when she was in her 80s.

Iv tried juicing this week but I know that's not for everyone.

And I used to love food. Now it's just a necessity.

If remember when my uncle had a stroke his behaviour changed after he recovered mostly but he would only eat a small scone and cup of tea at lunchtime and dinner without a drink and this was in Australia where it was 40 degrees 6 months of the year.

The brain must do something to that area that affects our appetite.


Definitely must be brain as I'm never hungry and all my meals are plain now as taste changed or gone. Like I loved curry and garlic but the thought now makes me feel sick. Remembering to drink water or fluids is a struggle every day, when I wake in the night and I'm thirsty I know I've forgotten to drink enough again. Even leaving water on the side doesn't jog my memory.

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Others in community have great expertise on supplements.

Best thing my wife ever did For me was gluten free diet but I cheat.

I have also switched to heavy legume and nut consumption.

I have to eat potatoes for the potassium because of medication but would not give them up anyway.

Much less red meat but more pork, fish and chicken.

And I stay low on sugar everything.

Never give up my salads and grilled veggies...

Dan / Seattle



You forget to mention the supersized hotdogs and fries!

Don't you keep them under that pillowcase!!

T&K xx💕



Giving away my secrets.

I love it...

Dan / S


Thanks Dan. Aaron ate a bit better today. He hates fruits and most vegetables. I did manage to get him to take a multivitamin magnesium and B vitamins so that is something. Hopefully he will keep making positive changes. He has a part time job now with a company around the corner which should help his feelings of self. He is excited and happy and panicking all at the same time.

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You bring wonderful news.

off the site. You can always reach me by email.

Please let me know if I can do anything for you, Aaron and your daughter.

I am thrilled with progress and have high hopes for you all.

Dan Jennings

Seattle, Washington

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Hi there for the past year myself and a select group of personal trainers have been working on a few things magnesium spray to replenish muscle fatigue, vitamin b12 liquid, feraglobin liquid, and acidophilus can help like I say everyday is new but I guess try try try big respect mat


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