What happened to suggested meet up?


A few weeks ago a meet up in Edinburgh was suggested which I said I was interested in. Have things moved on. I'm really keen to meet others dealing with this highly stigmatised disorder. I've now developed a pain which runs all the way up my right leg. I woke up one morning it was just there and hasn't disappeared. Do others have problems with FND in that new symptoms just keep popping up and some disappear?



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  • My symptoms are like a cycle. I don't know what I'm going to have each day.

    Iv been away so I thought I missed the catch up

  • Hi Lou

    Haven't forgotten about meeting up. Sorry!

    Life has been rather crazy here, dad recovering from heart issues in Aberdeen and then my gran who has 3 lots of cancer was told a tumour burst so she's waiting on surgery so heads been rather all over shop.

    Thankfully it's summer so it's a bit better time for it to emotionally pour I guess!

    Ill post shortly to try find a day that's suitable for majority of people :)

    Take care

    Andy - Glasgow

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