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Functional Neurological Disorder - FND Hope
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Not entirely sure what I'm doing.....so what's new?!?!?!

Hi all, I've had this FND for 18 months or so. Other medical history is mixed, stones of various sorts, sepsis, scoliosis with rods, asthma, hypermobile, brain lesions, reynauds and so it goes on. We are a family of four +2 dogs. I've had to leave my role on NHS and once again experience it as a patient. And what varied experiences there are.

I'm not really able to post prolifically or read at length, myFND affects right side mainly and I struggle to concerntrate. But I do look forward to hopefully getting some clarity.

I'm questioning and struggleing with the ambiguity and in turn the responses I receive when asked about it.

With positive vibes

A curry lover!!!!!

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Iv seen both sides of the NHS too. It's frustrating isn't it.

Wishing you get a break from symptoms.tje questions are hard and I tailor them to whoever I'm talking to from a disconnect between the brain and nerves both physical and concentration and memory or I sometimes just say I have a neurological disability caused by an accident. The It can sound like you have a brain injury but sometimes if it's someone I'm never going to see again I say that as it gets exhausting explaining to the world

Also a curry lover 🤗🙏


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