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Happy Friday!


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Hi, I think you got it right. We have that divide between do we go out as if may make our symptoms worse or maybe do we are having a relatively nice day sitting on the couch, not in pain, not having symptoms and relax. But by not pushing a little we go backwards. I love the outdoors I'm just not near or have a car to get to somewhere as beautiful as you were.

It's a guessing game. Also nice to see you both.

And the outdoors, thanks for filming, I'm right in the city, we have a big old beautiful backyard made for nature. I live in an apartment and many of them have little tiled floors with big brick walls but I guess the neighbours had a block agreement many years before and decided to knovk down all the walls of a 4 square street block and grow grass, put out picnic benches and a barbecue and grow fruit trees. Didn't think they grew in Scotland but we had apples, oranges and berries last year.

It's nice because the city can isolate people especially in a town as old as mine but I have great neighbours and they put signs up saying barbecue on Saturday 7pm and the guys always sit and have a beer after work when they get home. They also look after my cats if they are out hiding. Ellie last year (a little overweight as she will not exercise) was described as 'she looks like she's eaten a dug'. Hope you get the Scots. I used to always kid her in Australia - have you been out eating puppies again today? For her size though she sure can move fast and climb trees.

But it's nice to have nice neighbours as I don't get out much and am on the ground floor so when I get up there will be allocated time spots of people waking cats and dogs and one lady who brings her two cats out, one sits on the picnic table the other wanders off and she feeds about 30 birds while her cats watch or don't care. If I'm looking out a pet owner will look for me and wave. I'm lucky as so many neighbourhoods don't talk and we are a little community.

Even Mia my oldest cat has a new boyfriend she has had 4 ginger boys fall in love with her now and no amount of hissing at new boy in my outside window ledge could persuade him to move. He looked so adorable gazing at her while she was giving him the usual cat go away growls. I think it's love ❤️


This reads from a lovely book! Thank you so much! Xoxo. Much love

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Hi, love the beautiful scenery, and no people, oooooh heaven, your right about doing stuff against sitting at home but me I'm not there yet, when weather warmer in rainy England, my partner and 1 of our dogs 🐶 are going to a big lake, I'll use my wheelchair as I won't get far but we are going. Unfortunately if I try to do something I put myself backwards so much, haven't found the balance between good or too much, then more pain to go with constant pain, fatigue, I don't know, anyway beautiful forest, thank you for sharing.


Thank you for your coments! How fun to look forward to the lake!!! Xoxo


I know, am excited 😊 but have to wait for warm weather, not happening much in gloomy, rainy England at moment and being in wheelchair you need a bit of warmth. Take care. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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