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Found Article on PNES - no access yet

All my community friends.

Off radar now but had to make you aware.

Ran across article in Psychiatric Times magazine for March, 2017 print issue regarding PNES ( psychogenic non epileptic seizures). I can not access print version yet. I think I can get to it free online next month. That's my only way to get research is when it is free.

It is listed as follows:

"SPECIAL REPORT:. Psychiatric Medicine

CHAIR: Madeleine Becker, MD

Seize the Opportunity

PNES may be a symptom of a variety of processes rather than a specific disorder, thereby requiring personalized treatments, instead of a one size fits all...."

Do not know if this be of any value to us, but I wanted to let you know. As long time sufferer of this component, I will follow up when I can get to it.

Thanks so much. Take care.

Dan / Seattle

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Yes please!! Mine are getting worse 😆



I hear you. Checking access to it regularly. You are in my thoughts every single day.

Dan / Seattle

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