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Fnd & Hypothyroidism


I've had Fnd for almost 5 years now & altho I've had blood tests over recent years I have never had any problem indicated to me by my doctors. that could be related or making worse my Fnd.

However since changing Gp's, I've now discovered that since I became unwell in 2012 my thyroid level has gradually changed. In a blood test over Christmas it crossed over the level "of acceptance" highlighting to the doctors its gradual climb. Hypothyroidism could possibly be exaggerating my weight gain (originally put down to my Pregablin - Lyrica), tiredness & exhaution along with the pain. If this is finally under control then perhaps I will loose some of the weight I've gained, be able to be more active & hopefully limit some of the pain I am constantly in.

I would be interested to know who if any of my Fnd friends have also been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism too?

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I have been diagnosed with this recently too.

Last March I went to the GP as I was so tired - having recently asked about this results and with a better understanding of thyroid now my levels then weren't great so probably the reason I was so tired - TSH high in range and T4 at the bottom.

July I collapsed with seizures and spent a week in hospital, lots of tests, given FND diagnosis.

September the neurologist did various blood tests including thyroid. Due to glitch in their blood test result system j didn't even get the results until December. Grrr. By then my TSH was almost 30 and T4 below range. So whoknows what it was in December. I started on 50mcg levothyroxine and within 2 weeks my ability to think, talk and have conversations was alot better. Within 4 weeks physical symptoms of leg pain, walking and tiredness had improved. I'm way better than I was! Just been put up to 75mcg as TSH still too high couple weeks ago.

If you have blood test numbers/ranges that will help and the thyroid community on here are incredibly knowledgeable. I'm now supplementing folate, ferritin, b complex, b12 and vitamin d too as these all need to be optimal for thyroid function so I've get those checked too. The only one I was deficient in according to range for vitamin d but all mine were pretty low.

I'm yet to lose any weight... Hopefully soon. The restless feelings I used to get like internal jitters and seizures haven't occurred since I was on levo. It's a bit chicken and egg - what came first. The speech therapist I saw thinks the undiagnosed thyroid issue lead to anxiety causing FND. I see the neurologist next month so will see what her opinion is. I'm hoping to return to work finally next month too now I have more energy.

Best wishes..many GPs don't treat thyroid very well. Again thyroid community great for advice. I hope you feel more well soon :)

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Thank you! 😀

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Do you know what your levels are? Advice I've had is to always ask for a print out of results too. Definitely worth asking for and I always do now especially after going 3 months with no meds when I needed them. You can order bloods on websites like blue horizon too if your GP isn't particularly helpful. I'm still awaiting results of thyroid antibodies to find out if it's autoimmune or not. Worth asking for you too


Yup! And pituitary gland failure !

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