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Does anyone get a lot of arm ache with FND?

Hi everyone!

I've been getting a lot of pain - like a throbbing ache - in my left arm for the past 2 weeks and it tremors slightly like my right arm, except my right arm tremors more.

My right arm doesn't pain as much as the left but I'm waiting for the results of last weeks ECG and I'm now being referred back to my Neurologist.

Does anyone have these symptoms and if so, what helps you?

It's so tiring and these symptoms have come on over the last 2 weeks, especially the tremors which I used to have, but not as bad as they've gone.

Is it my FND flaring up more?

Many thanks for your help.

Kim & Tony. X

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I found a tens helped but nothing eased the pain completely have had this arm ache for a while take care x

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Hi yes I have had that from the start more my right arm and sometimes in my legs. I take co-codamol to keep it under control. X

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Hi Kim and Tony,

I get a lot of left arm ache too. It's extremely painful, all the way down to my finger tips, at times. It seems that the muscle tension caused pressure on nerves in shoulder area. The pain gets much better with a session or two from my sports physio. (No, I don't play sport- but they are really good physio's. Well worth the cost)

As I am sure you realise, you should never assume it's the same thing that I have. Better to have it checked out medically before going for physio, acupuncture etc.

Good luck

Mel xxx

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