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Right arm shaking with FND.

Hi everyone!

My wife Kim has arm spasms on and off but the last 2 weeks it has been tremoring continuously and only stops for a while.

She cannot eat as it is in her right arm and when she picks her fork up the wrist will twist preventing her from putting food into her mouth so I help her.

She's going to be referred back to her Neurologist by her GP who may do another brain scan but since Kim has developed sensory issues she's worried that the noise from the MRI Scanner machine may set her symptoms off.

Does anyone have these symptoms or is they're cause for concern?

I know this disorder throws so many different things up so I'm wandering if it's another symptom again.

Many thanks everyone.


Tony & Kim 😉

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Yes. I started experiencing Parkinson like tremors after 2 years. Started in my right, it's not constant but I've been out and my husband has had to cut up my food. I usually just say screw it aND wait it out. Bc I can't find my face when it's like that.

It's "normal' for us unfortunately


Hi I have had tremors since the start of my seizures in August and my right arm was totally disconnected for 16 days. I also had left foot tremors constantly for three days. I have found co-codamol 30/500 keeps them under control. Hope they ease up soon as they are not very pleasant. X


Hi Tony and Kim, Yes I have had tremors for about 15 years. But this last couple as been the worst. The internal tremors are what cause me the most stress though. The external ones are mostly on my right side too but both hands. They gave me propanolol with helps a lot with the external ones and I take ativan for the internal ones, it also helps relax my esophagus so I can eat some. You mentioned the MRI, the noise of it always sets off a dystonic storm, I have had two rapid responces called on me, even though i tell them every time I will probably have a seizure type attack. Hard for them to understand what they do not have the proper knowledge of. But in the end it always works out. Praying for a good outcome. God Bless to each of you, and a Very Merry Christmas....


Hi Cathy!

Many thanks for your kind reply and also the other kind folk who's replied.

We will wait to see what the Neurologist says when we get to see him and I hope the tremors may ease up by then.

We hope you have a lovely and peaceful Christmas and new year.

Gods blessings be with you always.

Tony & Kim xx


Hi Tony,

I have had constant tremors in both arms, both legs and my head. Fortunately my legs only tremor intermittently, mainly when I try to stand up. However, my head and arms continue to tremor constantly. I have found that by persisting with using my hands I can now use cutlery, an improvement on a year ago. I have also found that playing a musical instrument helps - it is hard to start with but the more I do it the easier it gets. I also find that playing music stops the tremor in my arms and head - strange but true! I would say just persevere. It is incredibly hard at first, and also incredibly frustrating, but it is definitely worth the while. The same goes for typing. Another thing I have found is that complete relaxation in a reclining chair helps stop the tremor. I now use the chair whenever I need to do something like type, as it is so much easier there than sat in ,my wheelchair at a table.

I hope you both have a good Christmas, and that 2017 proves to be a good year. All the best.



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