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Bonfire night with FND

Hi everyone!

Will anyone be attending any events or lighting fireworks off?

We usually love Bonfire night but the last few months my wife has become more sensitive to noise and they can make her symptoms worse - especially her legs - which can go into spasm.

Just wandering how any of you will be dealing with it and if you have any advice and tips to give out.

This time last year she wasn't as bad and could just about tolerate the noises.

Many thanks.

Tony & Kim

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Unfortunately I won't be going to them this year. Last week I wasn't too bad and actuality went to the cinema. This week I'm not feeling good and am sensitive to noise so know it won't be a good idea. I wouldn't be able to stand up for that amount of time either.

I feel bad for my children but we've bought some sparklers so will hopefully do those. Sometimes our neighbours do them in the garden so I will stay inside. Hopefully if I am expecting them they won't make me jump so much? If you've got ear plugs or something and your wife is really sensitive to the noise perhaps those will help? x

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Thank you for your reply.

Hope you manage to enjoy your evening with your sparklers and children.

Bed wishes!

Tony & Kim

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I hope your wife was ok over the weekend Tony. I enjoyed some sparkler action in the garden and found the noises ok generally :)


Hi there!

She wasn't too bad thank you and we've saved some fireworks for New Years Eve!

How will you be with lights on the Christmas tree as my wife Kim gets affected by certain ones.

Glad to hear it was ok for yourself and we hope you have a nice Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Best wishes always

Tony & Kim

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