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New symptoms

Hiya,nice to meet everyone...anyone have tics? Eg clapping constantly eg -pulling chin out and making a odd noise,making a noise in your throat...I find it hard to make new friends,I also have trouble smiling...I look like I've had a stroke when I smile because of the weaken was on the left,I'm also wondering if there's anyone near me so we can offer support,I'm in theswansea,south wales area. X

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Hi Tracy

Sorry to hear that your experiencing these tics. Not sure if they are linked to FND.. Can sometimes be a nervous thing, or a habit that's occurred, or linked sometimes to Tourette's... Isn't always swearing as folks think! :)

Maybe others will be able to help with this :)

I use to live in Bridgend when growing up :) do miss Wales but will maybe one day return

God bless



Thank you for your message Andy,appreciate it and any advice given,I've had tics since last year and they found I had fnd two yrs ago so I'm not sure if they are both connected.


It's rubbish when suddenly everything is put under "FND" when new symptoms occur in body from anywhere.

I had bladder issues and was noted by nuerologist it's down to FND.. When I eventually saw a urologist and they did tests and different things.. Results were not linked to FND at all and the nuerologist was shocked when she got copy of them.

Just shows sometimes things can be overlooked

Hope you get answers.

Making new friends can be difficult in general let alone when struggling with our appearance and self worth from illness.

There's lots of places where you can find new folks who won't actually care about the outward appearance , the Welsh are renowned for that ;)

I know lots of people down at the waterfront community church in Swansea.... Some really good folks there :)

I always though Welsh hospitality was good but then moved to Scotland ;) slightly better but do miss the Welsh singing!!


I'm stuck in doors most of the time,I've just been given a carer for extra help so that's 12 hours a week .

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I hope you find the carer coming useful! Local council for me up here won't help out. Lovely how the system works from area to area :)

All the best!

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I'm so sorry your feeling alone, and having problems with tics. I have leg weakness and arm weakness with back pain, and live in Weston-Super-Mare, so across the water from you. I'm lucky to have my mobility through and could travel to see you if that would help you occasionally. I have today got my new motability car so know how it feels to be stuck at home and now I have been given my freedom would happily come and see you to share storys and to know how each other are feeling with their FND. If you would like this, get in touch and we can arrange something, take care xx


Hiya lorettapalmer,I think I went to Weston super mare a few months back with my hubby,we also have a mobility car but my husband drives it due to me having fits ( nead) I'm on Facebook as Tracy Ann Fnd Smedley if you are on there .id love to keep in touch,I'd love to share story's with you. Thank you for replying. Tc xx

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