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So on Saturday I went up to see my parents.

They moved out and I've been trying to cope on own with FND and be independent with help from friends and family on cleaning etc but I manage when the up to it! 

I've seen good progress as stated before and I am praying I will make more! 

Sunday I went to my dads church in Aberdeen ... During the service the pastor visiting came to me and prayed for me with the church ... It's a lively Pentecostal church so we believe God still heals today.

I haven't been able to do steps in over a year since my last relapse from a fall which left me with a left leg that drags and can't step up without aid from a leg lifting device. 

So Sunday for first time I was able to use steps infront of church after prayer and was up and down them and no issues at all... Completely healed with my left leg back to what it was before! 

I still have other issues but to have my left leg working again I am so thankful to God for!

You may not believe in God... But how else can you explain it?! ;) 

We know as FND sufferers it's not a mind thing but a real issue we face.... 

Don't give up the fight... I know I'm on a road to recovery and part of it is from my own doing and determination but yesterday was a God moment without a doubt! 

Be blessed


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Hi Andy, Destiny church? I'm in Edinburgh. I've made vid about my FND and faith. Google Rachel Harris FND think it is. Good to hear your testimony! Keep going. Lord has got me this far with mine too and without Him I would be housebound all the time and despairing of my own life. There's a lot of faith with FND sufferers and other disorders I've found. He is good! Great to see this (:

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Thanks rach! 

I know of destiny church.  It's a church in Aberdeen called new life international. It's a Pentecostal church and part of the apostolic church body in the UK. It has a church in Edinburgh too. 

Will check your video out :) b blessed 


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I do know Life church here too. Cool. Keep going! ☕☺👍🙏🎬

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My brother is a faith healer - in a different part of the country. He's prayed for me several times...and I believe that I'm a lot better as a result. Not healed, but between God and my excellent doctor, I am a lot better than I used to be.

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Hi Andy, Our God is able if only we have faith.  Sounds like you have it.  So very happy for you.  Stay strong!!!  I know life would have no meaning for me if this was all there is, but praise God, Jesus is the victory and we will all be whole again in HIs Kingdom who have placed their faith in Him.  God BLess, Cathy

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Indeed :) 

There's stuff we can do to cope but God can use this process as a witness of his miracles or his grace to go through it. 

Without my faith I really wouldn't manage to cope and wouldn't be positive about things :) 

Philippians 1:6

Being confident of this , he who began a good work will carry it on! 


B blessed



Our God reigns love and blessings Christina x


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