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urinary/bowel syndromes


I find it interesting that most every time I search on symptoms about urinary and bowel it speaks to incontinence and IBS. What about retention of urine? what about other bowel issues. They did a resection of of my bowel and all they could tell me was that it "died". the specialist said he called it "colonic inertia". that was is 1998. That wasn't even a known disease. Now 2015 and i'm having tests run for possible MS. My bladder stopped working which can cause kidney damage and i've been on a catheter since July. I'm going to have a procedure done in a couple of weeks that inserts a tube through my stomach to my bladder and I'll be peeing out the end that is outside my skin that is covered with a cap. Does this throw me out of the FND population?

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Hi kmvalade,

These seemed fairly comprehensive sites :



As to whether it throws you out of the FND population - I think it depends on what scans and tests show. If they can pinpoint a physical reason for the malfunctions then I assume you will get a 'proper' diagnosis rather than a medically unexplained category like FND. Hope the websites are useful.

Kind regards, Angela x

kmvalade in reply to angelite

thank you so very much.

Good Morning, They call that incontinence issues when we have bowels that do not move properly and bladders that do not function properly. I too have both issues. They say I will probably have to start catheing soon. And I now take several medications to move the bowels, and even then it can be a week. Is if fnd? I imagine whatever that really means. Our brains are so complex and ours are misfiring, everything comes from our brain. I hope they investigate further with you. If they don't again know there are many of us. We are all here to help. God Bless, Cathy

Bless you too Cathy. Thank you for taking the time to share. Kat

I use a minicath 3x a day I have bowel issues. I have damage to my spine, although they say it could be from previous surgery not from the state of the spine now.

Thank you for sharing. I was so afraid when I faced surgery on my bowels back in 1998 that I would have to have a colostomy. After the surgery everything was "normal" (totally different from what I had been experiencing 1x every 3 weeks and go one for 3 days). Now I'm dealing with the a different bowel issue and am again concerned about having to have surgery for a colostomy. From what you shared it looks like options may have changed with technology since 1998. Perhaps it's your phrasing of "minicath". I love to sit at my computer and research...thank you for giving me something else that I can look into =) I wish you the best

Danslatete in reply to kmvalade

They're called. Actreen mini cath, made by Braun. They are tiny and took me about a week to master! Not at all painfull, mind you I don't feel much down there!

I have them because I don't know when my bladder is full and I was leaking. I was dreading the appointments with urology but it very down to earth friendly and very helpful.

Test are not too bad, a tad embarrassing but worth it.

Hope it eases your mind a little.

I have a neurogenic bladder, there was someone on here that sent me a great message and I really appreciated it.

I'm also waiting appointment with gastro for my bowel issues. Hopefully that can be fixed and I'll not have to carry spare clothes any longer!

Hi sorry to hear of your problems. I too couldn’t empty my bladder for over 10 years and was fitted with a suprapubic catheter “through stomach into bladder”

This is why I think FND criteria needs more definition or another name for people like us. Supposedly FND criteria causes no physical damage so I question what it is we do have if it’s not ms.

Hope all goes well for you xx

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