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Depressed and confused !

I was diagnosed with Myelopathy spastic paraparesis in 2010. MRI showed degenerative change from c6-c7 at C5 there was a broad based disc bulge with a superimposed central disc protrusion which results in moderate central canal narroeing. fast forward to 2013 solicitor asked Neuro for letter re condition for divorce purposes he seemed perplexed about this kept asking why solicitor wanted letter. He then proceeded to send me to Neuropsychiatrist who wouldn't have known the about auto immune diseases I have, lovely man gave me FND web address. Next appointment he said Mr ........ showed you the FND site I replied yes. He then said he'd discharge me when I asked would the back pain (which I have extreme for 5 yrs) he relied that my MRI didn't show anything wrong with my back and discharged my me. I was so confused I wrote to the benefits people and informed them that my consultant seemed to think that my problems are mainly from FND. One of the GPs seems to think I have both.

Got a copy of the Neuro Consultants discharge letter and he has said that I have functional leg weakness and non organic temor .

I am now up for a review of my benefits and terrified that the benefits people will think I have lied . Not to mention confused and depressed.

Do disc bulges cause pain and do the rectifie themselves over time ?

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It is all very confusing. I was told by my recent neurologist that my spasms and clonus is an organic problem along with muscle weakness that has spread from left foot, leg to now near enough full body, including internal issues (obviously i must be doing this to myself lol, not). All I want is some decent neurologist to look at my symptoms as a whole and not say they don't know what it is so we don't need to see you anymore, and work out what is really going on. I know I'm not the only one in this position and it seems to me there are increasing numbers of us around. One good thing though I have had no problems getting my flat. They go on symptoms and not diagnosis thank goodness. X


Hi I am no expert but disc bulges can cause a lot of pain and yes they can right themselves sometimes, i do hope that helps. I have fibromyalgia and this causes a lot of pain and fatigue. I also have an under active thyroid and this F N D. I don't know what this really means or really how it affects you I am still learning seems to me people get Mis diagnosed and or then re diagnosed or then they get things taken away who knows. It is all quite scary but I suppose you need to forget about what your diagnosis's are called its how these things affect you. That's what you need to get across to the benefit people how your affected on a daily basis. Take care


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