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G'day I'm Sam from Darwin Australia. My FND symptoms began October last year. I have not been able to see a speciallist doctor all this time. I diagnosed myself with the help of I've gone from being able to walk only 3 steps to walking long distances with a cane, to walking without a cane 3 days ago. I just started passing out again today. But I will keep trying. Each time I fall I'll get back up, because that's how I believe I began to get better., and will continue to do so. With or without help from the public health system. Bye I'm going for a walk. Best of luck everyone, (:

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Good on you Sam, I live in Coffs Harbour NSW. It is hard to find Specialists in this field but there is support at


Hi l was in darwin now in cairns the neurologist in darwin is great but hard to see.l was diagnosed with parkinsons for 5years then have see a specialist in Brisbane at brisbane neuroscience they are great top 5 in the world which the specialist in darwin told me to see it has helped with a diagnosis. Haven't got Parkinson l have been told it is a functional disorder which is hard because l get better then out of the blue comes back but l am deal with and with hard work will get better again.good luck with it.


I have the diagnosis for conversion disorder and I collapse in front of my workplace managers or confronted with authority. Is this a medical problem or a management problem.

If my workplace managers get rough then my symptoms of conversion increases.

Anyone else out there whose symptoms increase due to bad bosses.


I will not get symptoms during face to face confrontation, but may suffer from them after. Stress makes my symptoms worse. So does being in public places around a lot of people. My humble layman advice is to try and confront the things that set of your symptoms a little at a time, so as to not cause too much stress and slowly increase your activity. may be helpful. Good luck.


Good for you Sam, you're inspiring in your positivity and resolve and it's great to hear how you're improving your health/quality of life so much, even on your own.

I hope you get the support you deserve though, and wishing you lots of spoons. :)


Thanks heaps for your kind words. Best wishes. Sam


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