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I wonder if anyone is able to help me, my dd has a diagnosis of FND she became unwell at age 16 she is now 20, she is in a wheelchair and tube fed as she has gastroparesis as well as a indwelling catheter as she has urine retention without it, she also does not know until she feels something that she has opened her bowels. She has osteoporosis due to malnutrition c/o her gastric problem, she has nerve and spasm pain everyday and unless I can take her out is house and bed bound.

So that is a little, very little, about my daughter we live in the Sidcup area and I am wondering if there is anyone nearby that she could be friend as I said she is 20 and I worry about her.

FND is such an awful thing to be labelled with and I wish you all a good and as pain free day as possible.

I am now training to be a counsellor to specialise in working with charities that deal with people with long term health problems.

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Hi there Mum and Daughter,

I was very sorry to read your post-it is such a young age to be struck down with such disabling symptoms.Have they really run all the possible diagnostic tests to come to this conclusion ? ? I am wondering if perhaps there was a head injury or viral episode before her symptoms began.

If there is no one nearby perhaps she could attend a local disability group and make friends there ? My admiration to you for training as a councillor.

Kind regards, Angela x


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