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Make FND a matter of importance to health professionals, vote for the FND video at the Neuro Film Festival 2015!

Dear FND sufferers,

We have only a few hours left for voting to tell the American Academy of Neurologists that FND deserves more research attention. 1. Click on the link 2. Click on 'cast your vote now.' 3. Create an account. This will ask for email, a password, address etc. If you are not in the US, pick any state at random. It's no problem. 4. It will then ask you to check your email account. 5. Check email and follow instructions. 6. Press the link (picture) again and click on 'cast your vote'. Scroll down the list for "The Hidden World of FND" 7. Click vote, and note the number of votes that preceded your vote. 8. Come back here and tell us the number of votes so we can mark progress. Thank you for helping. And if you want to share this with your friends, don't use the 'share' button because it won't work due to limited permissions in a closed group. Instead, copy and paste the text of the following links.

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